BEST DAY OF MY LIFE? | Emirates FIRST CLASS UPGRADE!!! | First ever AIRBUS A380 flight to SRI LANKA!
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BEST DAY OF MY LIFE? | Emirates FIRST CLASS UPGRADE!!! | First ever AIRBUS A380 flight to SRI LANKA!

Ladies and gentlemen, aviation geeks and frequent flyers Welcome to this new video. I am right now sitting in well You’ll see later in the video, but I think I think I mentioned it in title, so it will be pretty obvious but Before we jump to Emirates first class. Let’s just recap the whole day and start Back at 5 a.m.. In the morning in Abu Dhabi Thank you How are you doing? I’m good too, but it’s very early so My airport driver picked me up at 5:00 a.m.. In a brand new BMW Emirates just recently introduced the BMWs to their fleet of Airport transfer cars before they only had Volvos, now they have their little bit more luxurious BMWs And it was a very smooth ride, and it was a perfect time of the day that golden hour in the morning and we were driving through the whole of Dubai because if you go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai airport Across the Whole City, and it was just beautiful the morning sky seeing the whole Skyline from Dubai and yeah, then I arrived at Dubai airport and because I was just going to stay in Colombo in Sri Lanka for five hours and then Fly right back. I didn’t have any bags to check and for that Emirates even has their own Business, and First-class Express check-in so I just they gave me my boarding cards I went to straight to the lounge Where I got a personal tour of the lounge so I was accompanied by by staff member who showed me all the amenities of the business class lounge they showed me the spa area that is available in a business class lounge and in the business class lounge the Spa area isn’t complimentary so you have to pay a small fee, but in first-class lounge which they also showed me the Spa treatments are actually completely free and you also have the the all account restaurant and also features of small cafe, and In the business class lounge they also have a nice buffet, but they don’t have an ala Carte restaurant But still it was one of the biggest lounges. I’ve ever been in. I think maybe the biggest but there were also a lot of people, so It makes sense that the largesse decides Okay, anyway. I boarded through I think gate B19 which was right next to the lounge so like five minutes before boarding I’ve just headed to the gate boarded through the Business, and first-class jet bridge because the A380 has two deck and on Emirates the first and business class are located on the upper deck so You can go straight through the upper deck jet bridge into the plane. I headed to my seat I had 20 k on that flight. Which is a Window-seat Emirates features a one-two-one Configuration in the business class so one seat then the aisle then another two seats than the isle another seat but which is important because Everyone has direct aisle access. You never have to like climb over the guy sitting next to you, you can just directly enter the aisle and I had one of the best seats in the plane My opinion because I had direct aisle access and like every business class passenger But I have the seat at the window side, so there’s a small table and the Minibar Were located to the left of me and behind that was the the aisle so I wouldn’t I? Wasn’t in direct contact to the aisle And that’s one of the great things about Emirates business class on the A380 is that they have a little mini bar Just like they have here in first-class. Do you have small some drinks like water? I think mango juice was there that 7up and coke Pepsi Located in there, so that you can have a drink whenever you want, but the flight attendants were coming through all the time anyway Soon after takeoff they handed out the menu cards and then started the lunch service on the business class flight from Dubai to Colombo they had I ordered the arabic meza as a Starter and As a entree I got the lamb shanks with steamed carrots and mashed potatoes which were Delicious like seriously that was one of the best business class meals I´ve ever had and after that As a dessert I went for the black Forest cake Which is actually a german kind of cake, so it was kind of surprised to see that Being served on an emirates flight to Dubai to Colombo in German the Black Forest cake is called Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte I think it might be one of the Most difficult german words to pronounce for people who don’t actually speak german like just try it Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte awful but the cake itself was really good and Yeah, that was Approximately halfway through the flight a little more than halfway through the flight I then went to the bar area because the A380 features an Onboard bar in the back of the upper deck with complimentary drinks and small snacks for business and first class passengers which is really amazing and I spent the rest of the flight there talking to flight attendants talking to The guy I knew from emirates who was with me aboard so I had a very enjoyable flight, and then we were already landing in Colombo and It was a big deal for the people of Colombo because there were hundreds of people waiting on the apron There was there were politicians there were airport executives. They were just regular airport staff members they were all dying to see the A380 of Emirates finally arriving in Colombo and We then disembarked there was a press conference? And then I went again on the A380 to do a little tour static tour without passengers aboard to film Around the Cabin that’s actually what I’ve done on emirates A380 already and not just on any A380 I’ve done it on this A380 A6-EUB, so I’ve been aboard that aircraft now I’ve done two tours and two flights and it was all on the same aircraft like what a coincidence Anyway, I’m going to link this video here or here somewhere there yeah, and Then the static tools over they gave us a little bag of a little bag with an airplane model of the A380 inside and Then I had three and a half hours until boarding and it was like what am I going to do? But at that point I haven’t actually hunted Sri Lanka, so I decided I’m going to give it a shot and just go through immigration Outside of the airport and back in just to get the stamp in the passport like that. I can say I was in Sri Lanka Officially even though I was just at the airport, but I officially Entered Sri Lanka, it was like The immigration queue was there were two people in front of me. I was through immigration within five minutes. I got the stamp there was really was super simple and After that was another duty-free shop and executed free shop where shops for home appliances like dishwashers and washing machines from Like hey Sri, Lanka, why do you sell home appliances at an airport Duty-free? I like to have that explanation because I don’t have one Like they were really already applying stores right next to that traditional duty-free store with cigarettes and alcohol and chocolate and olives Anyway, I let the airport went outside went back to the check-in area in it was real long shoe for for the security Because there was security control before you got to the check-in area and I got my ticket I went through the immigration so I get another stamp of a passport Just half an hour before I officially entered Sri Lanka and Then I went to the gate No, no Then I went to the Emirates lounge cause Emirates has their own lounge here at Colombo Airport other would like a traditional airport lounge you had a buffet you had a relaxing area a regular seating area of showers nothing special and then I went to the gate there was another security control this time the real security control with Taking off your shoes emptying your pockets and all that stuff and then they scan the tickets because it’s going to tickets then you get the waiting area you don’t have to scan their ticket to a board again and At first my ticket didn’t work I thought that maybe because I let them print it out a second time because they gave me the ticket for the return flight already In Dubai, and I look like I want to have a ticket They don’t tear apart when I board so I’m going to let them print it again So called like maybe that now the first ticket doesn’t work, but then they were like oh Yeah, you were upgraded and like took the pen No, I’m not sitting on 25 a on this flight. I’m sitting 3e and that was like I Have no clue. I was like I Was walking away from that desk? without saying a word I was just like speechless because like I don’t know Emirates first class that was like a dream of mine to fly that and this being here right now flying in my first cloud is something really really special for me and Yeah, anyway And then boarded to plane the stuff was very very nice greeted me. I got up after upstairs to the upper Deck and They brought me to my seat and the first question was do you want some welcome during something to drink and even? when I was back in the lounge Expecting to fly business cause I already knew what to order and it was a fairly complicated order Because I want to stay awake I don’t want to waste time and business at first close with sleeping especially if it slides like now It’s just four hours and thirty minutes But I wanted to have a double espresso with an ice cube in it and a pack of sugar so that I stay awake, and I can drink it right away and They brought me that two minutes later. I have that they also brought some little Crostini a Little sweet Snack And yeah, then we took off And that’s where I am right now sitting here on Yeah, right There is a window you see that and I just said up sitting on 3e that’s because before we take off I asked if there was a three feed and Apparently, they move the staff member who was flying like it’s know what the deadhead crew That’s what so called that head crew or a crew that it’s that heading means that they’re flying on one of their company aircraft In uniform without actually working, so they’re just like Going to Dubai or to an airport because they need another staff member there That’s not working on the aircraft, and I think they just fermi move the staff member to an aisle seat in the middle so that I can have a window see to have all the remaining and Yeah, I’m not sitting here and join the first honorable created separate video of the whole first-class experience where I? Talk about all the amenities here, but so far I will I have four hours until I arrive in Dubai no I have three hours and 15 minutes, and I want to have dinner, and I want to have a shower And I want to have the whole I want to finish the whole video so like I’m in thinking Thank you so much for watching today’s vlog then in a different style of vlog for those of you Who watched until this part of the video? I know you are the real viewers you are the people who have opinions I care about not not like the people who just watch the first 30 seconds I want to do my vlog a little bit differently because I feel like my blog are too similar to the two reports I want to have a distinct it’s difference between those – so, I will make my vlog more opinion-based like and Story-Telling why while the trip ports are just the plain neutral? Showing you what it’s like to fly with an airline, so I will only include opinion that I will only include very view opinions in to report opinions I always include into reports are the food because you can take the food you can just see it and the legroom because people don’t actually know how tall I am that’s why I always say in a Compared to other airline that’s over average. That’s not good. That’s good The legroom is how the legroom is because I know? What bad legroom is and I know a good legroom is so I can tell you that is over average Space you have here or this is less than average straight there Anyway um tell me what you like if you have any ideas about future vlog What I can change how I can have a more distinctive Style in my box, and yeah, thank you very much for watching and welcome to hammer ins first class isn’t that amazing? Yes Before I leave I need to point out that this cushion Can’t be beaten in terms of softness. That’s amazing


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