Now it’s time for
you to have fun. LOIC: How do you feel wearing it? I feel comfortable,
like floating. Clothes are made a certain way but I
always do something different with it. Here it’s a cape. And now it’s a dress. If you want the front
to remain a cape but the back to be tightened. Multitask you see, this is the Balmain woman. Loic Prigent is here. 2 minutes, guys! LOIC: How did you have this idea? Thanks to this. LOIC: What do you mean? Frame it. We often talk about inclusivity in fashion, but it’s not just about
being on social media. It’s inviting people,
we invited 2000 persons. They gave money. They can buy sandwiches or t-shirts
and all the profits will be donated to RED. We work together to find solutions,
how we can manage to stop HIV. That’s the idea, working together
to gather donations and funds. That’s the idea because menswear fashion
weeks are becoming harder and harder. There’s less and less shows
so why not create an energy. And it’s the summer solstice,
the longest day, so let’s celebrate with lots of people. Let’s party and have fun. My obsession is to imagine
the most futuristic fashion. It’s a crazy collection from 2100. I’m obsessed with Netflix, I watch lots of
science-fiction series, I’ve fallen in love with
their stories and costumes, so I wanted to create the tuxedos from the
future for men who are foreseeing this future. Optimistic future! Can I breath for a second? You bet! It’s crazy, right?
There were so many people! It was crazy, wasn’t it? Did you see it from the outside? Yes?
Ok cool. Like in pilates.

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