Avenue 5: The Counselor’s Booked (Season 1 Episode 2 Clip) | HBO

Everybody is looking at–
I’m so sorry. -Things are a little…
-Toxic. -Tricky. At the moment.
-WOMAN: Hmm. Yeah, we can hear.
We’re in the cabin next door. And I’m underneath you.
I can hear you. Well, yeah, but you have
super-sensitive hearing, so… Okay, don’t… I’m at the end of the corridor,
and I can hear them. Well,
you have super evil hearing. Get a life. Hey, guys…
If there’s anything I can do to help you escape this
fetid barf bag you seem to be tied up in,
then just let me know. Yeah, actually,
maybe you could make an appointment
for the counselor. I would say yes,
but the counselor’s booked up for a year solid. -What?
-Today’s been like Black Friday for emergency
mental-health care.

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