• Our Year – Back in Touch with WW2 History
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    Our Year – Back in Touch with WW2 History

    (Dramatic music) We are back! I want to invite you all on this adventure. This time we are in the Ardennes Forest, we just arrived in Germany, Eastern part of Germany, and we’re going to visit an old military base. Hey man Good to see you. (Dramatic music) You’re watching Metal Detecting WW2 Battlegrounds. (Dramatic music) But yeah, this channel is about metal detecting, finding World War Two relics, and sharing that history with you. (Dramatic music) Right now we’re walking to a location. I decided to return to the massive dump pit. (Dramatic music) Going to start off metal detecting right now. First signs of fox holes, looking good.…

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    An American woman was dragged from a Korean Air flight for refusing to sit in her economy seat… stay tuned…. Recently an American woman was forcively removed from a Korean airline flight as she yelled nuclear disarmament After it was delayed for an hour and 40 minutes The 30 year old woman paid for an economy seat but she was sitting down in the business class section on a flight bound for San Francisco It took off Incheon International Airport on July 27th The woman didn’t want to get out of her seat And she caused a commotion when flight attendants and airport police Surrounded her told her that she…

  • Mom names daughter Sky after giving birth on American Airlines flight
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    Mom names daughter Sky after giving birth on American Airlines flight

    Now that’s a baby on board.  Nereida Araujo gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Wednesday after her American Airlines flight from Tampa, Fla , landed at Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. Advertisement  Araujo gave her daughter a fitting name to match the circumstances of her birth: Lizyana Sky Taylor Most Read PHOTOS 40 places in New York where you’re most likely to spot celebrities Bronx boy’s fatal collapse in school lunch line was a homicide caused by mother’s slashing months before, ME says Dwyane Wade defends son’s appearance after family photo  “Baby Sky decided to enter the world on a plane,” Araujo wrote on Facebook Friday…

  • Bookingvalley: Hotel Bookings WordPress Theme
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    Bookingvalley: Hotel Bookings WordPress Theme

    Hello folks, I welcome you to the land of booking system. This is video is about BookingValley. The most heavily built hotel and vacation rental booking system WordPress theme. If you want a smooth running, labor saving business then use this WordPress system to take your bookings and generate higher revenues. Now let’s checkout this theme. Booking valley is one page customizable theme. Flaunt your hospitality business online with this theme. Theme have attractive slider section which gives your website an animated touch. Add your business logo and contact no. right on top, make things more simpler for your customers with this check availability option, This is on every to…

  • Future of innovation – a travel in time: Impulses for innovation in the year 2030
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    Future of innovation – a travel in time: Impulses for innovation in the year 2030

    The Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research consists of those institutes of the Fraunhofer Society that work in the topic of innovation. In seven institutes over 1,400 employees work on the analysis and the design of innovation systems. In recent times we’ve worked a lot on the future of innovation. And in this context we have designed an early prototype to take you on the journey into the future to have a look how innovation might look like in the future and how you can successfully design your innovation system. Oh, we got another T-Shirt for the 80th anniversary of Fraunhofer. Concerning the future of innovation: In 2030 innovation will take…

  • goetica. Travel search with #GoodAnimalKarma.
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    goetica. Travel search with #GoodAnimalKarma.

    What if you could help animals in need all around the world by doing something you already do? Many countries have a huge problem with stray dogs and cats. Their breeding is uncontrolled, leading to painful lives of starvation, disease and misery for the majority. These unfortunate animals go uncared for as there are simply too many of them. And what about other wild animals? Many types of endangered wildlife are often in need of emergency rescue action, veterinary attention, or protection from humans. Rescue operations require costly specialists to succeed. And animal rescue charities can only do so much with the limited funds they have. But now you can…

  • How To Read A VFR Sectional Chart – MzeroA Flight Training
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    How To Read A VFR Sectional Chart – MzeroA Flight Training

    hey everyone Jason shopper here of m0a calm and myself and the mga dot-com team are so proud of our new private pilot online groundswell it’s me coming out very soon depending on when you’re actually watching this it may already be out now a lot of love has gone into this from animations to great in-flight footage to awesome in studio footage as well and I want to start sharing with you some sneak peeks into the course and inside some of my favorite videos and the team’s favorite videos as well so this one is a longer video than a typical Emma’s orient comm video but it takes…