Austin#01:第一次去德州 | IneS
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Austin#01:第一次去德州 | IneS

This is my first time recording voice with Airpods, I don’t know how it’ll sound Now I’m at the airport, finally getting to my gate I’ve been taking my time the whole day today until I’m calling an Uber to the airport Cause usually, it takes 30-40 mins from my home to JFK I was planning to leave at 4 for my flight at 6:45 it should be okay so I call my Uber at 4 i waited for 20 mins Then when I get on the car I checked on google map how long it’ll take to the airport it ended up taking me an hour The traffic was so bad that The express way was literally a parking lot CRAZY I was super nervous that I might miss my flight So I sprinted to the luggage drop-off once I got to the airport Then sprint to the security check When I got to the check point He told me that the QRcode on my phone the E-boarding pass is not working So I ran out to print a physical boarding pass Then ran back Thankfully people are nice I cut into the line when I ran back to the man that was about to check me earlier successfully got through security check sprint to my gate finally made it usually domestic flights delay a lot but my flight is sharply on time today Thank god I made it I just rode the electric scooter for the first time in my life the thing that look like a scooter It was terrifying We don’t have that in NYC yet but we do have scooter that people owned (not rent) If Lime operates in NYC there will be much more car accidents Nah it’s not gonna work We are going to lunch now Does here look very Texas? Feels like 100% Texas right? Ohh 7-11 is a gas station Yah you didn’t know? I did not Another thing that does not exist in NYC (there’s only Shake shack in NYC) Such an awesome weather Nahhh the weather is awful Super sunny day it’s super HOT sunny day HALOO A cow chilling there That’s the Taiwanese restaurant I mentioned Ohhh It just stops there for long? Oh so cute! SONG LA AWESOME! OH the sun love it does it bother you driving tho You filming? yup you should film meeeee Film you driving? JK you looking for your phone? Yah it’s in my hand Feel extra pretty today I think so too You’re pretty everyday anyway good Taipei Egg Roll Thought I was in PX Mart (Local supermarket in Taiwan) I didn’t not know Taipei Eggroll is a thing Never seen Taipei eggroll in Taiwan before There are a lot of different varieties that I’ve never seen in Taiwan before hey this is so good extremely yummy once I opened it at late night and I just finished it on my own Hey that is HAI!TAI! *dying laughing* Made myself laugh HAITAI I’m hungry you start getting hungry now? Like suddenly got hungry just a little (After he just told me he’s not that hungry) Delicious DELICIOUS (said twice) Glad that you like it Wanna share a ramen with me? Sure! Good? *nodding* good 🙂 By the time You get used to filming with me you’ll be used to doing things like this (filming ALL THE TIME) I haven’t vlogged in a while because I feel like it’s a pressure to the people hanging out with me omg looks so goooood Oki are we done? Ending? Sure! (Ordering food on the screen) I feel extra pretty today hehehe RIght? very beautiful I feel extra pretty today *dry* you should say “you look extra pretty every day!” Alright then let’s redo it omg so funny I feel extra pretty today You look extra pretty every day *laugh* nonono again again stop stop stop Taipei Egg Roll Thought I was in PX Mart Omg you are recording? Yah So you got me fixing my hair It was cute tho! Then let’s redo it Thought I was in PX Mart Hahaha I did not know Taipei Egg Roll is a thing ugh no let’s do again Ehh It was okay tho I want it perfect! alright then again! Taipei Egg Roll


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