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– Good morning, clan. Welcome to Monday. As I said in yesterday’s
video, big day today. Super, super excited. You guys are about to find out right now. In fact, by now you already know because it’s in the title and thumbnail, but we got season tickets
for the Cardinals! Holy crap! Tiff and I have been talking
about this for years. We’ve been going, even
since I got her into actually going to the Cardinals games, what was it, like, four years ago maybe? Four seasons ago, we
started buying tickets from friends and, you know,
like, what’s that thing called? StubHub. And we’d go to the
first four or five games, get all pumped up and then
we started getting busier with our vacations and our trips and stuff and then we started to kinda fizzle away. But every year, when the season starts, we’re always like, “Oh, let’s
get season tickets this year, “let’s get season tickets this year.” And then we’re like, “No, we’ll just buy tickets
as we can and as we can go.” But this year, we decided
to take the plunge, let’s get some seats, let’s
start a new tradition. And so we are officially Arizona Cardinals season ticket holders – [Clintus] Here we are,
the AZone, side of the, look at the stadium. There’s
Fitz, Peterson, crazy, man. I was watching a YouTube
video the other day and someone asked, “How many
NFL games have you been to?” Like, that was the
question in their video. And I literally had to sit there and think for a second and
go, “More than I can count.” Because my dad had season
tickets for the Cardinals for, I don’t know, 10, 12 years. And so I’d go to at least three or four games a year with him. And then, like I said, the
last four or five years, Tiff and I have been going
to four or five games a year. And so, I really couldn’t tell you how many games I’ve been
to, but new traditions. We’re gonna keep going
more and more each year. – [Clintus] All right guys,
so here’s the package. But because I ordered these
kinda at the last minute, I don’t get the cool big
binder that everyone else gets. Parking passes for all the
games, ’cause that’s important, where you park and whatnot. Bags allowed to come in, because now there’s all kinds
of rules at the NFL games. You have to clear bags
or really small bags. Not allowed to have all the usual stuff. Code of conduct, all the
rules of being in the field and being a real good
fan, blah, blah, blah. And of course, the important
stuff, the actual tickets. We are gonna be in Section 414, which is right here in the
orange, Row 19, on the home side. So on the Cardinals’ side and that’s like right
on the 30-, 35-yard line where we’re seated at, so
decent seats for our first year. We also get these two cards here. The Big Rewards is a 20% discount at the team shop in the stadium, and then we get this Cardinals VIP Card, which I think is new, and it works at all of the different shops and
restaurants at Westgate. And the way it works is
every year your renew, you get first dibs on moving down, right? So when someone cancels or
when someone else moves, you’re in a line that
says, “Okay, you’re next. “Here are the available options. “You can either renew the seats you have “or you can change them.” And based on your priority,
you get dibs on better seats. And so, I told Tiffany,
“Let’s give it a shot.” We got four seats so the
kids will totally be able to come every game they want. Obviously, i think Sierra
will probably dip out more often than not. Bryce will totally be
going most of the games. But then we can take Mason, we can take Tanner or Tyler
or whoever, my dad, her dad. And if the kids don’t wanna go at all, we can take another couple. That was kinda the thought
process getting the four seats was that it won’t be just Tiffany and I. Because if we got two, Tiffany and I would pretty
much go to every game. Tiffany would have to duck
out one game for a kid to go, for Bryce to go, something like that. And, you know, like I said, we
kinda started this together, wanna keep it going together. And so, four seats for the 2015 season. – [Clintus] And there it is, guys, University of Phoenix Stadium. This is the main entrance,
out front of the great lawn. There is where the home team does all the main tailgating, right here. And you’ve got the
orange lot on both sides, which is like the best
prime spots you can get. I could not get parking there. We’re in the red lot, which
is just on the other side. So, not too far away, not too bad. Park somewhere in there, walk over here, get our tailgate on, grill burgers, beer, all that good stuff,
and then make our way into the football game. As I said numerous times, I’m not a huge sports guy. I’m not. I can name maybe like three
players on the Cardinals. But I love, love live events.
I love live sporting events. I love the atmosphere, I
love the energy and the pump that goes on around a sporting event. And I love being around
people that are football fans, ’cause they just get so into it. I’m like, “Yes!” I feed
off of their energy. So, super pumped for another season of Arizona Cardinal football. – All right guys, so we are all wrapped up at the Cardinals stadium. Grabbing some lunch here at Westgate and we are at Kabuki, a sushi lounge. I’ve never been here before. I’ve been wanting to try it
and we’re finally trying it. – It’s a whole tray of food. (laughs) – [Clintus] Yeah, Tiffany
has like a tray of food, like she’s at the cafeteria. She’s got teriyaki chicken
and beef, salad, brown rice. I got one of the sushi lunch specials. It’s got a spicy tuna roll and six pieces of fish
there, looks amazing! At least we can go to sushi bars, ’cause you can get that kind of stuff. – We are back home now,
and so are the kids. How was school, Bryce? – Good, awesome. – Good? You liking it so far?
– [Bryce] Mmm-hmm. – Did you have homework today?
– [Bryce] Yep. – Yeah, he had homework. What
kind of homework did you have? – Um, so we have to pick
from different activities. We have rainbow words, we have– – You talking about spelling?
– [Bryce] Yeah, spelling. – Spelling, okay. And then
you have spelling activities? – Yeah, spelling activities.
– [Clintus] Okay. – Like, we could go on the computer. We could cheer our words
like a cheerleader. – Ooh, I like that one. You
should do that one for me. – Fancy words.
– [Clintus] Fancy words. And read?
– [Bryce] Mmm-hmm, 20 minutes. It’s not fair for Sierra. All she has to do for
her homework is just read for 20 or 30 minutes. – [Tiffany] It’s fair for
her but not fair for you. – I think that’s gonna change. I can’t imagine at best the entire year. – [Bryce] I know.
– I think just right now. – And, and her teacher said
she has to read for an hour, but now it’s 20 minutes or 30 minutes. – Hmm, interesting. I guess we’ll have to see what happens this year, huh? – (laughs) Wait, where’s my beard? – [Clintus] Are you liking the bus? – Mmm-hmm.
– [Clintus] Yeah, pretty cool? – I did some of my homework on the bus. – Smart! High five. Do you have friends that ride on the bus with you? – Um, yeah, but I haven’t
sat with them yet. – Not yet, they were
sitting with somebody else? – I wanna sit with Zayee, but then, um– – [Tiffany] And then, um. And then, um. – His sister will be left alone. – His sister can sit with your sister. – [Tiffany] Sierra. How old is she? – [Sierra] She’s in my grade.
– Oh, perfect. – [Tiffany] Oh, well then do that. – What about Lucy? – Lucy has her own sister. – She doesn’t sit by her. – That’s her problem. (all laugh) – [Clintus] What about you, chica? How’s school going for you? – Good. – [Clintus] According to Bryce,
you have an awesome year, an awesome teacher because
you don’t get homework. And that she lowers the number
of stuff you have to do. Are you digging having all your friends in the same class again?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Is it cool?
– Mmm-hmm. – [Clintus] Are you sitting
by any of them right now? – I mean, there’s my classmates. I mean, they’re my friends. But not any like my best friends, no. – [Clintus] Oh, okay. Gotcha. All right. – So we have officially started the first full week of school. Mondays are always a short day. It’s not really a half-day, it’s just two hours shorter
than normal on Mondays. And so, that’s the first
day they got to do that. So they’re home two hours
earlier than normal every Monday, which is just kinda weird. I don’t know why they
get half-days every week. – [Tiffany] ‘Cause it’s
time for the teachers to have their meetings and so the teachers don’t
leave right afterwards. – That’s true, I guess. Oh, there’s time for meetings and whatnot.
Okay, that makes sense. But every week? It just, eh, whatever. Anyways, um, so yeah.
Kinda getting back into, back into the normal weekly routine with homework and all that stuff and Mommy cooking dinner. Started going to the grocery store and– – [Tiffany] But it’s only for a week and then next week’s gonna
be not a normal week. – Oh, that’s right. Yeah, next week, we’re
going to VloggerFair, holy crap, you guys.
(Bryce cheers) – That came up on us fast. Have you guys got your tickets yet? Have you got your tickets yet? There’s a link down below, sign up. You get a discount on us. (clicks) But yeah, no, we’re all four going. We’re gonna take them out of school, they’re gonna miss a couple days of school so that, A, they can go
with us to the conference and, B, so they can actually see Seattle. So, if you’re gonna be there, if you have a chance to go
there, get your tickets. Get a chance to meet us, meet the kids. And it’s gonna be an awesome time. VloggerFair is awesome. So
yeah, that’s right. I forgot. It’s next week, wow. We
should start packing now. – [Tiffany] No.
(Bryce laughs) – And just like that, it’s dinnertime. And Mommy made some awesome raviolis. What are they, spinach-filled? Spinach and cheese?
– [Tiffany] Yep. – Mmmm, some garlic bread. These are like, sorta crispy. – They were frozen. – Well, at least it tastes good. – [Clintus] Another
thing, part of the routine with school back in session, family meals at the table, right? Pretty much do this
three, four nights a week. Until sports starts up. Sports starts up and then
it breaks up a little bit. But for now, it’s dinner at the table. – Well that’s gonna do
it for us tonight, guys. But before we end the vlog, I kinda wanna get on a serious note. This is Kinsley. Kinsley is three-and-a-half years old and she is the cousin of
Connor, Aubrey and Ellie, Jen and David’s kids. She’s at all the Halloween
parties, Christmas parties, pool parties, birthday parties. You’ve seen her, probably seen her in the vlogs multiple times, though you probably don’t recognize her because she’s lost all her hair. Because, right now, Kinsley
is fighting leukemia. Her and her mom are going through a horrific ordeal right now
while Kinsley goes through this. It’s terrible. There’s a link
down in the description below for a GoFundMe page that
a friend has set up. It has Kinsley’s story,
how it all came about, how they discovered
this and all the updates over the last month or so as Kinsley and her mom Jessica are
going through this ordeal. All I ask is that you check it out. I’m not asking you to do anything else. You’re more than welcome to donate. You can share the page
via Facebook or Twitter. Share it with friends and family. Maybe you know somebody
who’s gone through this or someone in a similar situation. I, personally, have never had to deal with something like this. I’ve never had a family
member or close friend go through this, especially a child. And it really kinda struck a chord with me because we know Kinsley, we know Jessica. And to see her go through this
and read the updates is just, it messes with my head, because that could be one of our kids. And so, again, all I ask is that you click the link down below, check out the page, read
about Kinsley’s story. And do with it as you will. Thank you. And that’s it for Monday. As always, if you liked the video, be sure to give it a thumbs-up. Tap that eye in the sky for
the last three years’ videos, ClintusGames, and we will
see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on.

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