Apollo Travel anticipates customer needs using Microsoft Forms Pro
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Apollo Travel anticipates customer needs using Microsoft Forms Pro

We judge everything in terms of customer
perceived quality. The flights, the hotels, our staff performance, the service, the
visibility, or areas and destinations. Everything is monitored from a customer
quality perspective. We’re a travel company. We are one of Europe’s biggest travel companies and part of the Der Touristic group. It’s an online business
and customer feedback is extremely important because it tells us what the
customer thinks is important. We have been working with customer feedbacks for many years and Microsoft forms Pro together with Dynamics 365 really
gives us a fantastic new way to do this. On a sales side, we can see which
customers value what. If they loved the fact that it was close to the beach, we
should only offer them products that are close to the beach and we can get that
information now. And with FormsPro and Dynamics, we can make sure that we ask each customer the right questions because we can now branch the survey and the questions in the survey based on data from the customer and the booking
record within Dynamics 365. And now we can do profanity detection with cognitive services. This helps us because we want to automatically publish all the
customer comments directly on a website. Now the intelligent data helps us to act
on the right kind of customer feedback and take action in the right spots
within the customer journey. What makes Forms Pro really fantastic is
how easy it is to to get going with. It’s really plug and play and it how it
integrates into Dynamics 365 so that you can base your your survey on your
Dynamics 365 data and how you can with Flow use the data you collect and run it
through other applications like, for example, cognitive services and trigger
the next process based on the feedback that you get from the respondent.
And with Forms Pro, it’s very much drag and drop. You can start from a template we can define the template so it’s always kind of right but then you
can amend it to your own needs. And with cognitive services with the AI tools and
machine learning tools, we will be able to do fantastic things with our data. I look forward to the next step where the intelligence will help us to understand
more about what the customers are asking us. We will use text analytics to find
out the key areas within all the chats and emails that we receive every day
from the customer. And there’s so many products out there that making it easy for the customer really means figuring out, almost before they do, what’s
important to them and try to recommend it and help them see where to go next
and what to do next and the customer feedback eco-system that we have now
can help us do that.

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