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Whats up fellow travelers? Did you just book your first Airbnb? Or maybe you’re a veteran of the website? I’ve used Airbnb for almost five years and today we’re going to talk about my top tips to improve your experience after you’ve made your reservation. Alright before even arriving I would wait til 24 hours prior and then I would reach out to the host for the first time. Communicating with your host is very important beforehand and I can’t stress this enough. The first question I would ask is the address. Confirm it. Make sure what’s written on airbnb actually is. Believe me. I’ve seen confusion with this in the past. And the next logical question is about transportation. If you’re coming to an airport. What’s the best way to reach your place? Should I take a taxi? How much would it cost? This will give you a ball park figure in case a taxi driver is trying to rip you off. Or if you’re looking the public transportation route. Ask your host are you situated near a bus stop? Near a subway station? Is it safe to take public transportation to wherever you are? If your host doesn’t bring it up to you in the first e-mail. I would want to know more about the check- in process. Will he or she be the one that lets you into the apartment? If so is there a buzzer you have to hit? Or will the door man let you in? If it’s not your host. Who is going to be checking you in? If it’s a friend or family member could you have their e-mail or phone number in case something goes wrong? And in many cases nowadays I’ve seen hosts just leave keys for you. Make sure you know exactly where the key is. If it’s in a mailbox. What’s the mailbox number. If it’s left behind a plant. What kind of plant is it? And if they do leave a key, make sure you ask if the wi-fi password is already in the apartment. I’ve seen this a number of times where you get there, you get into the apartment, you can’t find the wi-fi password. And you can’t contact anybody. Alright my next tip. I’m surprised how many people neglect to do this. Read the house rules on their airbnb profile. Because a lot of times hosts have certain expectations of you as a guest, for example no louid noise after 11 o’clock. Or if you could water a plant. Or maybe if you could feed their pet pirannhas. I don’t know they might have some strange requests, just make sure you read about them before getting into the apartment. You arrive in the apartment. What’s the first thing you should do? I like to test out the wi-fi right in front of the host. The password could get me written kind of wonky. Wonky is that a word. And if there’s any issue with the wi-fi. I want to know right away so we can resolve it. This next tips important if you like to cook. Just ask your host about how to use the oven and the stove top. It’s not the same in every country. For example. In Argentina I always had to light a match inside of the oven to get it to work. And that’s something you never see in the United States. This next one might not sound to obvious. But sometimes you need to know how to turn the hot water on. For example I was in Cusco, Peru and in order to take a hot shower. I had to hit one valve in kitchen. Then in the bathroom turn on another switch. And then when I was in the shower make sure I didn’t touch a wire that was nearby or I could possibly get electrocuted. True story. Alright, this next one I forget to do all the time. It’s ask about the keys. It’s good to go with your hosts to the door and just try to open and lock it yourself. Because if you forget to do this. And you get back late at night. There’s not a lot of light out. You might struggle to get into your apartment. I’ve had it where it’s taken me 5, 10, 15 minutes to figure out a key if I forgot to ask. So this is a tip you definitely don’t want to forget. Does something smell really bad in the kitchen. You better know where to throw the garbage out Make sure to ask your host during check-in is there a certain time of day or certain place you need to put your garbage. Next up heating or air conditioning. Just make sure you know how to use them before the host leaves. Sometimes it’s really simple. Other times it can be a little bit trickier. Or maybe the host doesn’t want you running the air conditioner below a certain level. Make sure you know this. This next tip I call the “car rental.” And that means look around the apartment. Just make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. I had a host recently accuse me of scratching up a wall. And i’m positive the scratches were there before we arrived. Had I have noticed this I would have had a better case. Alright , last but not least. Your host is likely somebody that knows the community pretty well. Ask any relevant questions. Is there a grocery store nearby? Are their any nice restaurants or bars you should check out. Is there a poke gym? Whatever works for you. So you’ve had the best week ever and you’re ready to check out. During your stay if anything goes wrong reach out to your host immediately. If you break a dish, if something is out of the ordinary. Just be open and honest with your host. Most of them are great people. And they’re not going to hold it against you. The next thing I would bring up is how to check-out. Do you need to leave the key somewhere? With the door man? Does the host want to come over and do some sort of inspection? Make sure you’re clear about what time you’re going to be leaving. Finally before you leave the apartment. Just make sure you take out the garbage, wash the dishes. And make sure the place is in decent shape. There’s nothing worse for a host than coming back to an apartment that’s completely trashed. And it’s also going to affect your reference. And make the experience better for everybody. Alright now it’s your turn. Tell me what you thought about my tips in the comments section below. Or maybe you have something to add to the discussion? And also look in the description as I’m going to link to my first airbnb video about how to find the perfect place to stay. Share this video if you found it useful and certainly hit the subscribe button below we’ve got travel vlogs travel tips videos coming out weekly aimed at helping you travel smarter. Thanks for watching.


  • Hannah Carter

    Awesome video Jon! Great tips there. Will definitely be re-watching this before checking into my first Airbnb accommodation in January! 🙂

  • Crash Craze

    Awesome Video! Super helpful especially since I've just planned my first Airbnb with my girlfriend! 😀 Totally new to it and could use all the tips there are!

  • Emma Taylor

    Hi, I found your channel through yttalk! These are all really great tips, I'll totally use them on my travels, thanks so much! I'd also suggest asking if you're allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet. Yep, been there, done that, definitely don't make that mistake!

  • Here Be Barr

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  • Someday Maybe

    great tips… thank you Jon… from my own experience would suggest a little more time to prepare than 24 h for the host 🙂

  • Chad Jensen

    We just heard about airbnb. We have not used it yet. We thought about putting our guest house on air bob. Great video!

  • Natasha Amar

    super useful for Airbnb first-timers! The next time someone asks me how it works I think I'll just send them to this video!

  • MakingBabyTaylor

    I didn't even realize they've been a thing that long! And my main takeaway from this is that you've been to Peru LOL #ytcm


    useful tips for first timers!!! I remember I read that Airbnb was going to be not available anymore in NYC, the hotels were complaining lol

  • Places 2 Go Travel

    Superb tips mate – really good stuff here, you're making the experience a lot better with tips like these.

  • Travelling Weasels

    Internet is definitely a big issue, I am asking for specific things like upload and download speed and the amount of people who have no idea is shocking :S

  • Fit Bliss Life

    I've never used AirBnB, but this will come in handy when I do. I'm thinking of using it when I go to Bali for a month

  • Gary Rice

    I would not clean up except very little and I certainly wouldn't take out the trash. I am paying for those services. Dishes maybe.

  • Favorite Things

    This is some good advice. Thanks for sharing. I am a host and love it when guest talk to me first. I try to be a good match to my guest. Some times it is a poor fit.

  • acajudi100

    I left my Bali apartment cleaner than I found it, and it was clean. I stayed 2 months, and when I left, I made my sheets had been washed a final time.I rather have my private apartment and not live in a house with the owners or others.
    Excellent! Thank you.
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  • cijmoalbal

    Find out what floor the room/flat is on! I've been as high as 6th floor of a walk-up! Do that with a suitcase!

  • Touche Olay

    EXCEPTIONAL! Seems you've thought of everything that I wouldn't. This will be my first AirBnB and you have really set me at ease. I am 56 and my sister is 60, her first time also, now all I have her to do is convince her to 'TAKE A LEAP'! Thanks a lot…much success to you.

  • Raw Guru

    When someone books one of my listings, I have to go in and manually block off other listings I have that are connected to the same property. This is a continual waste of time for hosts with several properties and it opens the door to possible mistakes. These mistakes lead to AirBnB profiting from penalties. it also leads to hosts having to wait on hold for 30 min or more trying to fix the issue. It also leads to penalties for the guests. They actually seem to charge the guest for just attempting to book. AirbBnB is very capable of turning this on they way they sync the calendars for competitors sites. I’m guessing they are allowing they so they can gather info on the competition. But they are creating tremendous stress for their hosts because they are benefiting. Is there anyone who can get ahold of the media to call them out for this?

  • TheMashoom

    Hi bro I highly appreciate your effort to aware us the process of taking apartments/hotels booking. I humble request as I'm planning from dubai to Italy on schengen visa then I can go to Netherlands and then Germany could you please help to choose the perfect place under budget as I'm planning for visit.

  • Tuurnt

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  • Jojo Rody

    I booked an apartment while ago,I've never thought I would have problem with the kitchen,I guess i should have asked how it works or if it works in any way,so u are totally right about the kitchen

  • Solrac C

    Actually on my first airbnb in Guadalajara I had a bad experience with the unit , I didnt have Wi-fi for 2 days and I was pretty upset and I didnt want to make such a big deals cause it was my first time getting an apartment through airbnb. So, I didnt want to risk getting bad feedback from the host, but the host resolved my issue.I suggest if anyone has a similar issue and if things dont work out contact airbnb and they will inmidiately accomodate in a hotel. Overall I will be using airbnb in my future trips to Mexico

  • Okai Ozbal

    I’m a PhD candidate, studying branding and need your views about Airbnb.
    Would you participate my survey for 5 min and support my research? Thank you! ✔

  • LuckyNewb Vlogs

    I’m not gonna lie, if you were my guest and you asked me all those questions I’d be pissed 😂😂😂 it’s not that hard to be a guest.

  • agyvonne

    Another tip…which is very important…is to ask the host to check the apartment before you leave, to confirm that everything is left in the same condition as you found it. I'm not paranoid but I took pix of the apartment I stayed in (obviously time stamped) right before I was being picked up to go to the airport.

  • Djems Jeannitton

    I was in Tallahassee, I made my bed, gave the room the same way back. She call me 3 hours later and asked me if I even slept on the bed? Just cause I clean it well

  • Janet Palmtag

    All Airbnb properties need the TUBTOOL. It cleans tubs, showers, counters, and fixtures. Order (all one word) TUBTOOL on Amazon to simplify your bathroom cleaning. You'll love it!

  • gmarks 52

    Salam Kenal 😄😄, saya Genoveva sedang melakukan penelitian tentang Airbnb. Bila ada yang pernah menggunakan Airbnb dalam periode 2018 , mohon bantuannya untuk mengisi kuisioner di bawah ini



    respon teman-teman sangat brearti bagi penelitian saya.. Tuhan Memberkati

  • Olivia Ortega Sosa

    Hello, your tips are amazing, im new at this and I have a doubt, I sent three messages to different hosts but the thing is I dont want to make a reservation yet, Im just asking questions to decide for one of them, the thing also is one of them have pre-aprobed my stay. How can I decline it? do I send a message to the host telling that I cannot stay , is that a bad evaluation for me in the app?

  • Nick B.

    As a guest, I always examine the home just after check-in to look for any damage, then I take pics. Important to do this right away. Waiting a few days into the stay will reflect that in the camera time/date stamp, and an unscrupulous host can try to pin the damage on you. Airbnb will back you up if you have this kind of evidence!

  • Gists with Mikealkings

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