Air Mauritius Airbus A330neo Flying Experience
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Air Mauritius Airbus A330neo Flying Experience

– Well today, my first
time flying the A330neo. (upbeat music) – It’s an amazing aircraft. – Feels like I’m going holiday, can’t wait to go to Mauritius. – [Pilot] Cleared for take-off, two seven S Air Mauritius flight. (aeroplane engines roaring) – [Pilot] Rotate. – Airbus called these the Airspace cabin. – We’re just entering Italy. We are over flying the Alps. – Out the window, we
can see the Mont Blanc. – I just finished my
breakfast, a very good pancake. – And we are going to land
on the runway one four. – [Radio Altimeter]
50, 40, 30, 20, retard, five. – Welcome to T4 Heathrow. I’m all dressed up to go to somewhere sunnier, brighter, warmer. I’m going to Africa! I’m going to Mauritius with
Air Mauritius today, let’s go! (perky instrumental music) We’re going to Mauritius. – Oh really? – Yes.
– Are you happy to go there? – First time flying Air Mauritius, Business Class!
– Oh, wow! (laughs) Seems good right? – Oh yeah, I’m all dressed up, I’m ready. – Yeah!
– Yeah, can’t wait to get out of the U.K now, too cold and too rainy. – You can use the first right to security, and also the SkyTeam Lounge, opposite Gate 10, yeah? – Awesome thank you so much.
– Thankyou. – I love the message, personalised message on a boarding pass, first time I’ve seen. Say welcome on board Sam, privileged. This is A330-900neo Air Mauritius. Well today, my first
time flying the A330neo, so, very excited. 11 hours flight to Mauritius, here I come. – Welcome aboard of this Airbus 33-900 of Air Mauritius for this flight MK53 from London, Heathrow, to Mauritius. Let’s me introduce the first senior first officer, Emmanuel that is, will be flying with me, he will be the pilot monitoring. And the senior first officer, Laurent. Today the flight time will be 11 hours and 50 minutes to Mauritius. We are expecting some weather just after take off here because in London as usual is raining. – What are the advancements compared to the older A330? – On this aircraft we have two new system that are helping us a lot. One is this system, that actually is following us, that we can select via this selector. And it’s telling us exactly the position of the
aircraft on the ground. So, as you can see, if I change the range, you have the layout of the airport, and you can see exactly what are you doing during the taxi. A second system is during the landing, is called ROW/ROPS. – [Sam] ROW/ROPS? – Runway overrun warning
and prevention system. This system, when you are
approaching the runway, is telling you based on the data that you’re putting
inside the aircraft, if the aircraft will be able to land at this runway condition in the runway length, that is available. If not, it’s telling us runway too short, or max reverse or max brake. – [Sam] And with this new engine, I imagine you have a
higher max take off weight. – [Pilot] Exactly – [Sam] So you can fly a little bit longer – [Pilot] Compared to our 330 classic, with this aircraft we can carry 12 tonnes more at the maximum for the maximum take off weight, and with less consumption. It’s an amazing aircraft. – And not to mention also,
it’s a beautiful wing length– – Oh it’s perfect
– A new designed wing curve – You know it’s exactly. That is more efficient and more stable during the, if you have to end flight the
air craft is much more stable than the previous one. (Fast upbeat music) – Okay, so we show you something nicer than a Christmas tree. – [Group] Whoa – [Woman] Christmas tree. – Christmas is coming – Feels like I’m going holiday can’t wait to go to Mauritius. Look at this colour here. Also, they have pretty colourful turquoise blue blankets here. And the amenity kits, Christian Lacroix. (plane dinging) (engine revving) Hey, looks like we’re off to a good start. So quiet the cabin on the 330neo. And I met my seat neighbour here, Megan, and she’s also going to Mauritius to work, not for holiday though. – Yes.
– To work. – So yeah, off a good start, to a good friendship already. Do you think all the
planes are same actually? (both laughing) – [Megan] Maybe, yeah, I wouldn’t know the difference. – It’s not surprising ’cause all the planes do fly. So, to a lot of people, they are actually not different, but I’m a geek. I’m an AvGeek, aviation geek, so, to me, it makes all the differences. But, you are on one of the latest airbus. This is brand new, this
is only a few months old. Some planes out there is 20, 30 years old. But this is a brand new plane– – So is this one safer?
– So you are very lucky. You’re very lucky
– This one? Yeah. (laughs) – Cabin crew?
– [Pilot] Advised. – D Class – [Pilot] Jerry – Packs? – [Pilot] Off – APU bleed? – [Air Traffic Control]
That’s four two two victor behind departing Air Mauritius 330. Line up runway two, seven left behind Mauritius five three Runway two seven left clear for takeoff, surface in two eight zero
degrees, one eight knots. – Cleared for takeoff, two seven
S Air Mauritius five three. (engine roaring) – Takeoff. (engine speeding up) Autoflex 39, has started
strongly, over thrust blue. – [Emmanuel] Proceed. – [Pilot] Rotate – Positive climb. – [Pilot] Gear up – Gear up – Nav (engine whirring) – A typical two seven left departure, left bank. It’s over the Windsor reservoir. – So you’ll just grab it. – Ah! You’re probably familiar
with this kind of seat in business class, one, two,
one, direct aisle access. So this is the latest full flat bed and the latest trend of travel, direct aisle access, individual seats. If you are travelling in pair you can see the middle. I think the difference of A330’s is this bin. (door clicking shut) This is actually a different
bin to the normal A330, the older one. You can see the bin is a bit more curved there’s a bit more head room here. Airbus call these the Airspace cabin. (hand tapping) Different design. This is great. They have three language
here; English, French, and guess what Chinese. I think Mauritius has
Chinese people like me there. I will find Chinese food in Mauritius. Okay, I’m gonna select Chinese this time. So looking at the map today, we’re gonna cross the strait over to France, Italy. Then cross the Mediterranean,
entering Egypt in Africa, and then continue South, Sudan, a little bit of Ethiopia, Somalia. And then entering Indian Ocean, all the way to Port Louis, which is Mauritius. Long flight. – Salmon tartar and the goat cheese. – This is the punch? – Yes. – It’s a different
punch, to what I expect, I always expect fruit
punch like a orange colour. – Yeah.
– This is from Mauritius. – [Flight Attendant] Yes. – Oh, look at this. Lemme try a little bit. Hmm, this is quite strong, but it’s sweet. Now it’s better, much better. – If it’s strong again you can ask. – Nice one. It’s not bad, once you have
the juice on it, it’s not bad. But I still like my mimosa better. Mmm. (Upbeat Music) – We are just entering Italy, we are overflying the Alps. We are entering in the Milan airspace. And we just passed behind the Mont Blanc we left the Mont Blanc on our right hand side. – Out the window we can
see the Mont Blanc which is actually the north face of Mont Blanc. (radio chatter) – It’s so nice, blue colour, everything nice blue
colour, really nice huh? – This is the first course. It’s spiced king prawns on mango salsa. Are you ready for your fish? It’s the cod, fried with roasted potatoes. – Thankyou. I actually didn’t quite like this dish. I found that the fish,
a little bit too dry. I don’t know, maybe the
oven on the aeroplane heat up the meal. Cooking fish is very
tough on the aeroplane. I’m gonna ask the flight attendant to see if I can change to a
chicken dish or something. – There is the coconut. – Is it spicy or? – Well yeah, it’s coconut curry. Chicken coconut curry with rice. – Nice I learned from another
airline, as a rice dish the rice should face me. Now is better presentation. The rice face the customer
for an Asian dish. (Upbeat Music) I like this one better. This
is like a chicken curry, coconut curry. – This is–
– Something, this is new, eh? The famous beer of Mauritius it says. – Yep. – Yeah. Well I may have a taste later on what it so makes so famous. – Of course, I’m sure you will like it, it’s very good, it’s very
famous around the world. – I like your tie too,
your tie and then my shirt and your tie fits well. – It goes along very well. – I have pineapple and you have ocean. How many language you can speak? – I speak French, Creole, English, and a little bit of Hindi. – Oh! – Yeah, because I do understand that- – You have a Hindi background? – A Hindi background, exactly, yep. – The next language you need
to learn is Chinese. (laughs) – Exactly, and I’m looking forward to it. – I will teach you. – I know one thing,
it’s ni hao and xie xie. – Oh, global, ni hao, xie xie. – We have three choices here, one is chicken with
potatoes, carrots, and beans. And the other one is lamb curry with rice. Unfortunately, the lamb
curry is very popular today, so it ran out quickly. – The lamb was popular; sold out. – Very popular. – Right. – And the third choice that we have, this is vegetarian biryani. – Oh this is nice, this
looks very nice, smells nice. – Very nice, exactly. – Mmmm – [Flight Attendant]
Exactly, you’re in India! – [Sam] Yeah! – So this is for the people who opted for the vegetarian meal. So we can cook for them veggie biryani. (Fast Upbeat Music) – Well, they just turned off the lights and I’m gonna go for a nap, I don’t recommend this seat here. This seat is the closest
to the toilet and galley. I chose this seat because
I wanna see the engine. I wanna film the video
of the engine on takeoff. I would think the first
couple rows is better. Goodnight! (people snoring) (plane engine roaring) – We just leaving the Seychelles airspace, now we entering the Madagascan airspace. We should be landing in Mauritius in one hour, 40 minutes. The sun is rising and it looks like a very promising good day in Mauritius today. (energetic upbeat music) (engine roaring) – Would you like to have
continental breakfast? Or hot breakfast? – [Sam] Um, what kind of
hot breakfast do you have? – Hot breakfast we have
poached egg or a pancake with banana and walnut in vanilla sauce. – [Sam] And what’s continental breakfast? – Continental breakfast
is croissant, bread, muffin, (speaks in French). (upbeat music) – I just finished my breakfast, a very good pancake. It is, ooh! 3:45 in London, so you can see my body
clock has been off right now and I have been sleeping off and on throughout the night because this seat here was
a bit narrow to be honest, for my body size, and then we also have a
guy snoring really badly, so I woke up halfway
during my sleep off and on, but I’m getting really excited one and a half hour to go,
until landing at Mauritius. What’s the greeting word in Mauritius? When you see each other. – This is what you say, “Ki position”. It means “How are you?” – [Sam] Ki position. – Ki position, position, what position. – [Sam] Ki position – What position is ki position – Ki position, ki position. – How are you?
– How are you? Uh huh. – [Male Flight Attendant] It’s Creole. – Uh huh, Creole, ahhh. – But that’s a very cool
way to say, ki position. – [Air Traffic Control] Three
is inside zero one six zero. – Zero one six zero Air
Mauritius, five three. (plane engines roaring) – Now first seeing the
island from the West Coast, the place called Flic en Flac. As you can see on the further south, we have the famous mountain of Le Morne. And then we are going to
intercept the final approach. It is going towards southeast. And we are going to land
on the runway one four. (upbeat music) Landing checklist, Cabin Crew? – [Pilot] Advised. – Autothrust? – [Pilot] Speed. – Autobrake? – [Pilot] Off. – ECAM memo? – [Pilot] Landing no blue. – Landing check is complete. – [Pilot] Thankyou. Autopilot coming off. – Checks. – Land – [Emmanuel] Checks – [Plane Computer] 100 above. – [Pilot] Check. – [Plane Computer] 200 minimum. – Continue – [Radio Altimeter]
50, 40, 30, 20, retard, five. – That’s what it is. The grass is green. – D seven. (plane brakes humming] – [Pilot] Final brake. – Checks. 70 knots. – [Pilot] Check. – [Air Traffic Control] Seven
five three via Delta yankee, hold for the back bridge fitter. – Delta yankee, holding
short of Mauritius here. (fast upbeat music) – Thank you Emma. – It was a perfect flight, he
slept all the way. (laughs) – [Sam] It was a good landing
still sleeping after landing. – It was a fantastic landing, he’s sleeping while the landing. (laughs) – Thank you very much, all right, goodbye. – [Crew] Bye! – Bye, see you next time, very good. My flight was good, Air
Mauritius is a quality airline, especially that beautiful
sunrise over the Indian Ocean. Looking forward to
exploring this island now. (logo swooshing) (logo dinging) [logo popping)


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