ACCC-CCCC – Booking Scams
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ACCC-CCCC – Booking Scams

Well, it’s taken 15 years, but I’d say we’ve seen the end of that counterfeit Furby racket. Cheers. It’s a shame you had to kill the mayor though. Yeah. So seems our comrades in the Sunshine
State are having a bit of trouble with a scam involving booking accommodation online.. Fancy a trip to Surfers Paradise? Good as gold. Coast. Different city. Same scams. Sorry, we’re late, we went to Warner Bros Movie World It’s a wonderful theme park, thank you for coming. You both come highly recommended by the
Chief, who is an entirely different person to me. What a strange thing to say. This is Jill – Jill, tell them about the scam. Well I’ve always wanted to see the Gold Coast. Naturally So I booked an apartment online, through AirBnB. Ok But then I got an email from the owner of
the apartment, saying the dates didn’t work, but he had another property. There was a link to it in the email. Go on I clicked on the link, and it took
me back to AirBnB. Seemed like a nice property, had good reviews. So I booked and paid. And then what happened? I came all the way down here from Mackay Get that into ya. There’s no booking! I contacted AirBnB. They’ve got no record of it! How could this have happened? We’re going to need to need some time to work this over. Can you recommend somewhere that we can think? Of course. It doesn’t make any sense. I know. Dolphins should not be that smart. It troubles me. I mean this case. Jill did everything right. Now how did she pay for that booking? Jill says AirBnB told her to wire the money
to the host. Well that doesn’t sound right. I know It’s like they’re talking. Planning. No I mean, AirBnB would never ask someone to wire money directly to a host.. Unless…phishing. Fishing? Phishing, with a PH. It’s a scam where scammers will pretend to be a legitimate company in order to get your data, your information, or in some cases, your money. They often use bogus web or email addresses
that look really similar to the addresses of legitimate companies. So in this case… So in this case the scammers uploaded the first apartment onto the real AirBnB That’s bait And when Jill responded to them, they responded with a link to a different property in it. But that link doesn’t go to the real AirBnB. It goes to a fake website that looks like
AirBnB And they use that site to scam her. We have to go tell the chief. After the porpoises. After the porpoises. They weren’t turtles at all! They were tortoises wearing little flippers! Times have changed though. Poor Jill, she never stood a chance. When you’re booking online, like Jill, it can be hard to tell
what’s real and what’s not. But there are red flags. Oh? For example AirBnB will never ask you to wire them money, or to go through a third party. All the transactions take place on their website. That’s good advice for any booking website. Absolutely Never make private payment arrangements with
a seller when you can go through the company itself. And be wary of any email that asks you to
provide or verify personal information. Double check web and email addresses to make sure they’re legitimate Never click links on suspicious looking emails And if you’re really uncertain, find the company’s
phone number on a publicly listed source, and call them up to check if the email was from them or a scammer I suppose that does make sense. Freeze! …some margaritas for me, that is! CHIIIIIEF!

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