A Team Tuition’s TSS Boarding TransitionProgram
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A Team Tuition’s TSS Boarding TransitionProgram

A Team tuition and TSS boarding have partnered up to build a new program you know to replace boarding prep time called the
boarding transition program so basically what we’re trying to do the ultimate
purpose is to renovate boarding create with the boys and make it exciting make
it you know a bit better than just I’m sort of working independently for some
tutors in there can be role models and mentors and creates a bit more spark or
and their motivation levels and why they are doing the program so all we’ve done is
we pretty much picked five tutors that come in on these tutors working groups
are eight with the boys on the homework in their prep time and the boys earn points
through their efficiency and teamwork activities and things like that. Kids come and ask me a ton of questions spelling ,grammatical errors checks that won’t help with and I
go around and make sure that you know they’re on task that making sure that
they are getting the job done and that they are understanding the content and at the very end I see like
so much improvement I think they really get a lot out of this I’m noticing the
difference in class the kids are doing their work so the boys coming back in saying I got some help from the tutor last night I had I had some help with maths, I asked for some help and they showed me how to do it which is great as opposed to them just
leaving it and not understanding the question it was a favorite of the program? Having extra support and being able to get help from others that know what they’re doing it’s a lot easier than a few other
nights with tutors being able to help us and I think the point system has put a lot more effort on to the boys always want to work a bit harder
pretty much everything to alleviate the stress of boarding you know when you
don’t have your parents on site at that age and the stresses that come with
transitioning from like a country school or an outside school to a faster pace go
back TSS

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