5 Ways to Get Cheap or Discounted Broadway Show Tickets
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5 Ways to Get Cheap or Discounted Broadway Show Tickets

Hey everyone! It’s Sarah and today I’m going
to be talking about how to get cheap tickets to Broadway shows. Now if you’re
visiting the city or if you live in the city and you want to go to Broadway,
you’ll quickly realize that the tickets can be extremely expensive. And if you
want the best seat in the house you kind of have to pay top dollar but today I’m
going to be going through five ways that you can get discounted or cheap ticket
to some of the best shows that are playing today here in New York. Now the classic way is to wait in line
on the day of the show at the TKTS by TDF booth that’s in the center of Times
Square near the red steps. Here you’ll find practically 50% off all tickets for
all shows except for the mega hits. There are two other locations besides the Times
Square one. The two locations are near Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein atrium,
which is on Broadway and 62nd Street. The great part about this location is
actually it’s indoors which is a huge bonus
especially when the weather’s not good and in the winter. That is like – oh my god –
that is such a blessing to be able to wait inside because so freezing. Especially January.
The other TKTS booth is located in downtown Brooklyn. This is on the corner
of a J Street and Myrtle Avenue. If you want to go to a matinee show make sure
you go the day before because they sell those tickets a day early. A matinee show
it normally happens around 2 p.m. Whereas if you’re going to an evening
show you want to go the day of that show and that’s when you can get 50% off
those tickets. One important thing to note is that you can only buy 6
tickets per person and that there is a $5 to $6 fee on top of the ticket cost
which is actually substantially lower than what you’ll get online. All
ticketing fees benefit the non-for-profit TDF which helps bring at
the power of Performing Arts to everyone through initiatives like their autism
friendly performances. So that’s one way let’s go into the next way right now. Now let’s dive right into number two
which is using the TodayTix app. This is beneficial because it allows you
to get discounted tickets up to a month in advance. Using the TodayTix app
helps give you a better idea of what show you’ll see and you can kind of plan
your schedule a little bit in advance. Now on this app you may not get as steep
of a discount as you would at the TKTS by TDF booth but you will be able to book in
advance which is a huge benefit especially if you want to plan a lot of
things in New York and you don’t want to leave stuff up to chance. However, there
are a few other options for online ticket sales there’s four websites in
particular that you can use as a resource if you don’t find the show that
you want or the price that you want of that show on TodayTix. The websites you
should check are New York Show Tickets, Broadway Box, Theatremania, and Gold Star.
And I’ll link to all of those things below this video. Keep in mind that
you’re going to have a higher per-ticket-fee on top of that. It’s going to
be about $10 to $15 so just prepare for that. On top of the
discount. Just a heads up! If you want to get discounted tickets to
the more popular shows. Now I’m talking Hamilton, The Lion King, Wicked, Chicago –
things like that. Then you’re going to need to try the rush tickets or the
lottery strategy. Now rush tickets is when you show up to the box office the
moment it opens which is normally around 10:00 a.m. most days and they sell
essentially whatever is left which may not be the best seats but it’s about
twenty dollars I did this for Chicago a few years ago and it works out great. The
other option is doing the lottery. Now more and more shows are starting to do this,
especially the big popular ones. This is where you go to the theater a few hours
before the show starts and you write your name on a piece of paper.
They then draw a winner out of all the people that enter their names and that
person will get a severely discounted tickets and sometimes the
seats are fantastic. I’m just gonna go through a few of the offers that they’re
going on right now that’s been pretty consistent over the last year and these
are things that you can check out when you’re here if you want to see some of
the best, the biggest hits on Broadway The most competitive a lottery tickets
are Hamilton, of course. They offer 46 seats at $10 every day. The other one is
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which they hold their lottery once a week on
Fridays. But to see a list of all the lotteries that are happening while
you’re here you can go to Broadway for the Broke People.
I’m putting their website below so you can check out that and that will give
you access to a lot of the big hits that aren’t normally found at the TKTS by TDF
booth or TodayTix app and on the other ways that you can get discounts
tickets. If the show you wanna see is not
available on the other ways that I mentioned then I recommend is going
straight to the box office where you can avoid the expensive service fee
associated with buying online and also if you go the day of the show sometimes
the seats that were previously held for house seats or premium seats that didn’t
get sold will now be released back to the public and they’ll lower the prices
of those and that way you can get in to pretty decent seats at a a lower cost
than what you would normally get. The other great thing about this is that the
box office attendee can help guide you as to where to sit in the theater to get
the best seat for your money. Now number five sadly doesn’t apply to
everyone but it’s be a young person. If you’re under the age of 35, or 30
depending on the program, you can actually qualify to get discounted
tickets through many of the nonprofit theater organizations here in the city.
Theater goers ages 18 to 35 can buy tickets to the roundabout theater
company for just $25 per show by joining its HipTix program. 21 to 35 can join Lincoln
Center’s theater LincTix program which offers $32 tickets at all shows. And then
finally you have Manhattan Theatre Club the 30 under 30 program which allows
patrons 30 or younger to buy tickets for $30.
If you’re not qualified in one of those categories but you’re a student or your
teacher then you’re actually in luck in a different way because you qualify for
discount tickets through other programs. Librarians, teachers, and
students can pick up vouchers for 30 to 50 percent off through the school
theater ticket program and students ages 13 to 18 can buy five dollar tickets to
certain off and off off-broadway productions through the high five
tickets to the arts. Now for some bonus tips! I actually used to work on
Broadway and they know a bit more about Broadway than the average guide would
know and for that reason I wanted to share two little tips for going to see a
Broadway show, in addition to the ones I already shared. Number one, if you’re here
in January that is the cheapest time to see if Broadway shows and as far as the
day of the week that’s cheapest it’s generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays or
matinee performances mid-week are the cheapest. Aim for those and if you can
stack a discount on top of that then you are set and you are seeing that show
for the lowest price possible. Good for you. Great work! Yes. Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed
this video, please subscribe, follow me on instagram at @SarahFunky, and watch my
other videos on New York. I have tons of them a tourist traps, thing to do, things
see, and much, much more. I will see you next time. Bye!


  • Sarah Funk

    Website links & Show recommendations (EXPAND FOR DETAILS): 😍
    Book your Broadway tickets here: ticketmaster.evyy.net/jZY0n
    TodayTix: http://bit.ly/TodayTix2019
    Subscribe and watch my other NYC videos or book a custom private tour with me!
    Other videos: http://bit.ly/NYCplaylistNew
    BOOK A TOUR WITH ME in New York: http://bit.ly/BookMyTourNow

    Links I mention in this video (in order):

    Shows I recommend:
    The Band’s Visit
    The Play That Goes Wrong
    Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
    Come From Away
    Mean Girls
    Head Over Heels
    The Lion King
    Phantom of the Opera

  • Eskpado

    Hi Sarah!!, I love your videos! Next week I will travel to NYC for the first time on my birthday. What restaurant in Manhattan do you recommend to have dinner with 4 friends for my birthday?

    Hugs from Montreal.

  • wrappedmeupinribbons

    The Brooklyn TKTS booth closed at the beginning of September. Also, at the Lincoln Center or South Street Seaport locations you can buy tickets for next-day matinees (on Tuesday you can buy tickets for Wednesday matinees, etc). Also: rush seats are not “whatever’s left” but usually seats specified by the production, sometimes not as good as a full price location but still decent. And there’s always a limited number (COME FROM AWAY usually has less than 10, for instance). Also, Second Stage has a 30 under 30 program as well. Otherwise, great info. Love, someone that works on Broadway 😉

  • Ivette Correa

    Great info Sarah! Really enjoy your videos!…going to NYC next week for the 1st time!💚💜💙…I'm planning to see either Phantom or Kinky Boots…whichever offers the best deal…what about the Donna Summers one?…I haven't found any reviews yet…& I'm a 70+80s girl!😉 Love your🗽 videos!👌

  • Leo Ma

    Thanks for your very useful advices. Last time I use your tip to travel to NY by myself(tip how to use bus from Newart to Grand Central). Thanks a lot.

  • That's What "i" Said

    Great info, thanks! Too late for me, just got back, but wanted to add: "Broadway Week!" Was told that the cashier couldn't offer it to you, you have to ask – 2 for 1!!! A kindly chatty cashier told us about it (too late for Phantom, oh well) and then asked us if we had a question for him, ha. Next time I will check when Broadway Week is, for sure.

  • Dogs Ye

    Ya’ll NEVER use broadway.com. NEVER. They have a great youtube channel, but they have hidden fees that can rack up to like 200-300 dollars.

  • Rony Sikder

    Heading to NYC for the first time next week, been binge watching your videos in the past days. Hope that will make my trip a little easier 🙂 thank you!

  • Haus Of Sharon

    I was able to see Anastasia, Frozen, Mean Girls, Spongebob Squarepants, The Book of Mormon, Phantom of the Opera and School of Rock when I was in NYC last June (7 nights, 7 shows), before the Tony Awards happened I have to add.

    I pre-ordered two shows (Mean Girls and Frozen) before heading out and bought all the other tickets on the same day or day before. Managed to get excellent orchestra/front row balcony seats to all of them (only rear Mezz I did was MG) and it cost me in total….

    $600. #iknowright

  • Reagan Bramlish

    Actually sometimes "mega hit" shows are at tkts. Phantom of the opera is the longest running Broadway show, and the lion king the show that has made the most money for a musical ever, are both at tkts sometimes.

  • Émilie

    Was in New York last week. Soo many of your recommendations were wonderful!
    I've used TKTS each day I was there. I saw pretty much all the shows I had listed before.

  • lindaandcara

    Hi Sarah. Great vids! (Yep, I subscribed.) is there a reason you didn’t mention playbill.com as a great site for discount tickets?

  • einat1622

    Those are some great ideas!
    (I didn't know about the other 2 booths).

    For the random reader:
    Buying tickets at the theatre box office the same day can cost $40-$85 (I have seen $15 but they were 'partial view') that includes times when you have a big name playing the lead. Big names like The Lion King are $115 & up for one ticket (I think there were cheaper but those were sold out when I got there).

  • Jillian Cristina

    I did the Book of Mormon lottery a few years back and won! Luckily it was in February so it's not as busy with tourists so there were probably only 50 people that entered. Also, something to mention is that if you have a large party, don't bother with the lottery because you can only enter for 1-2 tickets. The Book of Mormon lottery was awesome because they gave away the entire first 2 rows of tickets, so I was front and center and it was amazing! It's definitely worth a shot. I have friends who live in NYC and enter lotteries daily, many have won the Hamilton lottery multiple times.

    Also when I visited a few years ago, we went to the box office for Waitress and got tickets for $30 a piece! They were in the back of the mezzanine but we could see everything perfectly.

  • Gijun Lee

    Hi Sarah. Thank you for all the tips. We plan to watch Rockettte show during NYC visit. What is the best way to get the best price for rockettes show?

  • Renato sky

    Hi Sarah ! IMe and me girlfriend ( we are from Brazil) so what attraction do you recommend ( we are no fluent ) then i understand by your video the best days to buy is midweeks ( tuesday and wednesday) so We must go early on the day in the box of the show we want to see ? OR we can go tuesday to buy to wednesday night ? Also the start to sell at 10 a.m? Thank for your effort to make the videos ( make much easier for us , really helpful tips) the video , audio and your accent is perfect to us who are not fluent in english!!!

  • David ferguson

    Great tips. I am going to New York next Sumer for 10 days, so your videos are being a great help for planning it. Is there a similar video for sporting events? Would love to sample an American sports game when I am out there….Baseball being main choice

  • Isaac Acheampong

    Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Broadway Show Tickets on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/broadway-show-tickets-review/ Thanks, Berkeley.

  • 94mathdude

    You're talking on your balcony, and the next moment you're talking while walking in the streets, then back again. How is this happening?

  • Kentucky Mama

    Gr8 information. Live in CT visit NYC more often in the fall. Everything is close I usually prefer 2 walk but not in the heat of summer. 4 all U do this buds🌷4 U.

  • Gareth White

    Bought tickets direct from TicketMaster for Book of Mormon and they charged face value but far less in fees compared with the sites recommended above. Broadway.com wanted $31 extra for each ticket in fees compared to $10 with Ticketmaster

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