2020 Serenity
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2020 Serenity

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re in beautiful downtown
Winnipeg, Manitoba. ‘Course, home of the Winnipeg Jets. You don’t always have to
be at lakes and oceans and up camping in forests. If you’re looking for a small motor home the 2020 Serenity is the one. Great for urban RVing in the city. You can take it out to the lakes. You can take it out to
the forest, campgrounds, anywhere you want to go. It’s small. It’s 24 feet six inches long. Eight feet two inches wide. And 10 feet three inches
in exterior height. Has a standup three-piece dry bathroom. It sleeps up to four people. It has four seat belts. Great exterior storage,
great interior storage. I can’t wait to show you. Let’s go have a look inside the motorhome. You’re gonna love the
interior of the 2020 Serenity. As George from Seinfeld
would say, “Serenity now!” This is one beautiful motorhome. Curved, solid wood doors. This one is done in Maple. We do solid maple. We also have the wood color of Cherry. If you order the Espresso
it is stained cherry wood. As you can see, the driver
and passenger seats turn and swivel and I love
the new leg extension on the Mercedes seats. It’s absolutely beautiful. All done in Ultraleather. This is the fog. We’ve added a little texture
to it so it’s not as slippery. We have Fog, Earth, and Mountain. So we have three different leather colors, three different wood colors, and two different glamor packages including the brand new Shadow Gray. Or you can also go with the
white glamor package as well. So this is a great little
area for entertaining, sitting back and relaxing. My TV at the back will swivel and face me from the back area. I can also have up to four
people with seat belts. This model will also sleep four. This will make into a super single bed. Or I can expand it out into a double bed. Plus we have this Lagun table. Lock the first leg in. We’ll snap the second leg in. And it just locks in place like this. And then I can just mount
the table just like this. And I can lock it in place
or I can leave it unlocked if I wanted to spin the table around. But you can see I can adjust
it from different heights. Dinner for four. I can also use it as a computer desk. Plus the table can move to the back when you order the optional sofa. And I’ve got a work desk in the back area. Plus, you’re gonna love
this part of the design. You can slide it over into the galley area and use it as a counter extension. I’ve moved it to the back
and now I’ve got a work area. Or I can use it for dinner
when I’m watching my TV in the back area. So it’s a great multi-functional table. I can use it as a work desk. I can use it for as dinner. And I can check all my emails that I haven’t got back to yet. Now, you can also sleep four people, so two sleep in the back. Or we can make this
into a super single bed or into a double bed. Let me show you how simple that is. Okay, so then we bring our
main base-support table down. And we put our last cushion in place. And we’ve got ourselves
a nice, big, 48-inch wide by 80-inch long bed. How great is this? Nice, big double bed. Once again, that’s the great
thing about the Serenity. 24 feet six inches long, sleeps four, drives four with seat belts. So now we’re back into a
living area from a bed. Just to kick back and relax. You’ve got lots of room
to enjoy the motorhome. Plus, my TV turns and swivels. I can watch TV from all the way up here in the driver/passenger seats, so. I love how we’ve integrated the cab area on the Mercedes-Benz chassis
to part of the motorhome. As you can see, it’s easy access in and out of the motorhome. We’ve redesigned the upper cabinets. As you can see here we
have our optional safe. Two big storage areas up front. And look how beautiful this new Shadow Gray glamor package is. The curved doors, European hidden hinges. I love how they lock in place. Just simply touch the
button and they pop open. Of course we have LED lights up front. More storage area over on this side. Nice solid wood. If you put your fingers in here you can see how we pre-drill the cabinets, screw them together. That way when you’re
bouncing down the road the wood will never crack. Over on the other side storage space, storage space, storage space. Look at this. Lots of storage space. I love the curved doors. European hidden hinges. Nice and easy to open
with the handles here. Lots of storage space, we’re
gonna get that in a second. But look at this beautiful roof. This is all vacuum
bonded, fully insulated, ducted air conditioning
throughout the entire motorhome, which is really important on a hot day. I have cold air in the front
and cold air in the back. ‘Course, LED lights throughout. I love our beautiful skylight. Beautiful sunny day here in Manitoba. But I love the fact
that we can have screen, or on a hot day like this
we can have fresh air and keep the sun off of our heads. So here’s our battery disconnect switch. We also have our 16,000 BTU furnace. A little more storage
area underneath here. And underneath on this side
we’ve got our breaker box with our fuses and our breakers. And underneath here we have access to our optional surge
protector and our water pump. And our water pump’s got a quick pick up, so if you want to pick up RV antifreeze to winterize the unit, or you can pick up fresh water and put it into your fresh water tank. That’s all located on this side. We have a place here for your coats, all done in Ultraleather. And our switches here for our LED lights, you can dim them right here. This red light, see how it’s on? When we’re over in our service area that means that I’ve turned
on my service area light. We also have our LED lights
built into the cabinets. They look beautiful. And our camping mode,
non-camping mode for our step-in. We have our outside light. And our inside light switch. When you turn on your
interior light switch you can also have a light down in the bottom of the stepwell. Okay, let’s look up here. We’ve got a beautiful,
fantastic fan with rain sensor. That’s standard. So you can set it by temperature. If it starts to rain it
will automatically close. We talked a little bit about
the ducted air conditioning. 15,000 BTU air conditioner
with a heat pump. So if you’re plugged
into a campground service that you’re paying for, you
can actually heat the coach as well as cool the coach
off the same air conditioner. Up above we’ve got lots of storage space. With a small motorhome you really cannot have
enough storage space. Look how much storage
we have upper cabinets. We double-shelf them so that
you can put your plates here, cups up here. That’s a smart little move to
have there as we work our way. Let’s have a look at this
beautiful picture window. The valances are all done in Ultraleather that color-match the
Ultraleather color that you pick. So we have Fog, Mountain, and Earth. And I like this, we
have our daytime shades. And we have our nighttime shades. And we mentioned earlier,
awning-style windows. See this? We can have the window open. It could be pouring rain outside, I don’t have to worry about the rain coming into the motorhome and I get some nice cross-ventilation. As we work our way in the galley here we’re all done in solid
Corian countertops. We have two different
colors of countertops. This is the Antarctica white. We also have a new color called Stone. Nice little garbage can here. A lot of people use that
just to fill it full of ice and use it as an ice cooler, so. Deep stainless steel sink right here. Chrome faucet. We also have a sink cover
that goes over the sink. Very nice. That just slides back into this area here. Two-burner, spark-ignition stove. We’ve also got our
stainless steel backsplash. Accessory channel that’s built right in. You can put your different
accessories onto the channel. We’ve also got LED lights underneath here. And you’ll notice that we
have an inverted plug as well off of our new 2,000-watt inverter so you can plug in a small coffee maker without having to have your generator on. You need storage, we
always talk about storage. Look at this. Beautiful reverse-curve doors. All done in Maple. Look at this here. Pot and pan pull-out drawer. Really smart. We also do Cherry and Espresso. I love this. The reverse curve. It’s one thing to have a curved door. Look at this. Beautiful reverse-curve door. Lots of storage space underneath here. And drawers. Look at this. Nice, big pull-out drawers. Solid wood drawers, lined. Very nice. Full water filtration on
all the Serenity models. And I like this. We have a great place here
for all your silverware. New for 2020 Serenity we have a brand new Dometic thermostat control system here for your air conditioner,
your furnace, your fans. This new thermostat is totally designed to work with the optional
propane generator which has auto gen start. So for example, animals
or pets in the motorhome, I set the temperature, it will automatically
turn on the generator when it gets too hot in the
motorhome and cool it off. Or, if your batteries get too low you can set it for voltage. It will automatically come
on and recharge the batteries so you don’t have to worry
about batteries getting low. On the other side of the galley you’ve got a beautiful hanging closet. Down below here, I like this
little place for your shoes when you come into the motorhome so you don’t step on
them in the stepwell, so. Here I have my convection microwave, so it’s your standard microwave. It can also be an oven. The nice thing for 2020 is that
we’ve inverted the microwave off of the brand new 2,000-watt
Pure Sine Wave Inverter. If I wanted to warm
something up in the microwave I can turn on the inverter,
turn on the microwave, I don’t have to turn on the generator. So, nice new feature on
all Serenities for 2020. Now, this is the big one. The brand new Dometic
three-way, so propane, 12-volt power, and 110 power. We have three different
sources to run the fridge. And what’s great about
this brand new fridge, separate freezer, separate fridge. And what’s great about a Serenity is I can access it from either side. So it swings, the door swings either way. So if I’m in the back living room area and I want to get a drink out
of the fridge, not a problem. If I’m in the front living area and I want to get something
out of the fridge, not a problem. So I love the brand new Dometic three-way, two-door swing fridge. And what Serenity wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful pull-out pantry. I’ve been fasting for four days now, I know it’s hard to believe. I’ve given up on Jenny Craig,
I’m just not gonna eat. But my pantry is bare. Hidden storage area down below. Nice little place for things you don’t have to access all the time. Some more storage area. Look at this. Pull-out drawers. Solid, full out drawer
extension, solid wood, lined. Nice, big drawers for storage. Oh, I love that sound. Plus, a hanging closet right here. So we have our inside
service center right here. So we’ve got our optional
Equalizer stabilizer jacks so it doesn’t more around. No, yaw effect. We also have our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater control. You can turn it to eco which will not heat the
one liter of hot water. Put it on comfort it will heat
the one liter of hot water. See Level Tank Monitor system right here so we can check our batteries. Fresh water tank is empty. Gray is empty. Black is empty. And the propane is 27% full. Also can turn on our
water pump right there. Our solar panel controller is right here. Either an optional 200-watt
or 300-watt solar panels. Great little option to have. This motorhome is equipped with the optional 3.6
kilowatt propane generator. And it has the auto start system. So it will automatically come
on if you set the temperature. Or if you set it for
batteries it will come on. Standard feature when you order the optional propane generator. And last but not least, our
standard, brand new standard for 2020, the 2,000-watt
Pure Sine Wave Inverter. I really love this feature. So our TV turns and swivels. It faces front or back. Brand new sound bar. But I think you’re gonna love this area. So most small motorhomes maybe
have one living room area. This motor home has two living areas. One in the front, one in the back. All in 24 feet six inches. I like this little feature,
nice little privacy curtain that separates the living
area from the bedroom area, or the second living area. ‘Cause you can use either one, ’cause we have a bed out front and we have a bed in the back. Optional sofa bed. So standard is a full-time bed. This would be the option. Gives you a nice, big full-size bed. The optional sofa bed is very nice ’cause it gives you two living areas. And look at the size of this bed. But look how much room you have. What a beautiful bed. It’s all done in memory foam. It’s super comfortable. There’s a few little seams in here, but you don’t really feel
them when you’re laying down. It’s quite spectacular. Okay, then you can move the bed back into a second living area, sofa area. And look how beautiful this is. We’ve got our beautiful
awning-style windows. Privacy shades. Daytime, night shades. All done in Ultraleather,
once again, that matches. Got our beautiful TV. New for 2020 is the sound bar
with a smart blu ray player. You can see there are LED lights. I’ve got built in reading lights. I’ve got USB plugs here. I’ve got inverted plugs off the new 2,000-watt
Pure Sine Wave Inverter. I can run a sleep apnea machine. I’ve got a shelf here for charging. Once again, look way up
there, you got the LED lights. And you’ve got the air conditioning ducts. And storage space is always important. Look at the storage that you have. Lots of storage here. And big storage up here. So tons of storage space. Okay, above the TV area we’ve
got our electronics area. So this is where we have
our smart blu ray player which is standard for
2020 Serenity models. USB plug chargers here. This is our Winegard 2.0 wifi
booster with 4G TV antenna. The little green button here I turn on, so now I’ve got it on TV antenna boost. Turn on this one on this side, now I’ve got it on wifi boost. You can also have 4G capability. You can buy the service from the Winegard. Or you can get a second SIM
card from your mobile supplier. And then you can plug that SIM
card into the 2.0 on the roof and then normal data charges would apply. Now we have some other
connections here for plugs and HDMI plug for your PlayStation
4, not that I have one, but if I did I’d be
playing Madden football. We also have a great option for
the Winegard satellite dish, the Winegard T4 which does
Dish, Direct, and Bell. And we’re also pre-wired in
case you don’t want to go with that satellite system. Inverted plug as well. And I like the area that
you can work back here. You also have the table
that you can put on, use it to work on. You can use it for food, so. We also have the little
ottoman that comes up if you just want to have the ottoman. Look how much space we
have, how much room we have. Feels huge for a small motorhome. This is gonna sound really crazy, but I’m gonna invite
you into the bathroom. Most people don’t ever
talk about the bathroom, but look at this. Beautiful curved door. Nice big three-piece private bathroom with a stand-up shower. It’s like I’m well over six foot one. Look at this, I’m
standing up in the shower. Privacy shower door. Lots of room. Handle for getting in and out. Integrated the shower
head, soap dispensers, you can put everything right here. And this is a nice, big bathroom area. China toilet. Down below here, nice little
area here for putting supplies. Solid-surface countertops,
stainless steel sink. Place here for your towels. Medicine cabinet. Water pump, at night if you forget to turn on your water
pump if you’re dry camping you can turn on your
water pump right there. You have a GFI-connected plug here. So if you ever lose power in the motorhome always check this plug. Nice dressing mirror here. Plus, don’t forget you
can get leisure clothing, mugs and stuff, it’s absolutely fantastic. But this is a real bathroom. I’d like to have a look at the next generation
of Mercedes-Benz chassis. I think you’re gonna love it. Look at this 10.25 inch monitor. It’s got smart intelligence. You can swipe it. No longer do you push
buttons anymore, you swipe. Or you can just talk to it. Hey, Mercedes. [Automated Female Voice]
How can I help you? You also have XM radio, Bluetooth. It has Apple CarPlay, it has Android Auto. Also, I like how they’ve
redesigned the map lights for the old-school boys
that actually have maps. I’m not sure why you would because you’ve got a
voice-activated navigation system. This is kinda cool, place
here for your sunglasses. And look at this smart wheel. Multi-functional steering wheel. All the controls right here. I never have to take my eyes off the road. It’ll tell you your miles per gallon when you’re driving down the
road, what your RPM level is. If you’re doing good or not with the speed it actually gives you rewards. We’ve got new airbags in
the seats, airbags up here, airbag steering wheel, airbag here. Seven-speed transmission. It has the V6 turbo engine
with 188 horsepower. 325-foot pounds of torque. Fun to drive it. I think the best part about
it, it has electronic steering. I’ve never driven a vehicle
with electronic steering. It is a dream. You can turn this steering
wheel with your baby finger. And I like the new transmission. You just press park or
knock it up or knock it down for drive and reverse, so. We also have some great
storage areas up front, three separate consoles. In this area here we’ve got
charging systems for your phone. You can wirelessly charge
supported smartphones right here. You also have USB-C connections here. We also offer two years
of roadside assistant on all Leisure Travel Vans that
are bought from the dealer, which includes concierge
service, towing service, lock-out service. If you run out of fuel they’ll
come and give some fuel to get to a gas station. Tire repair. So lots of great features to have for the first two years,
roadside assistance. Plus, when you own a Leisure Travel Van you get to join My LTV. Absolutely fantastic service we have. Walkthrough videos on service. We have all of our
warranties and our manuals. You can join contests
such as our photo contest. You can also join travel clubs. We have Leisure Travel Van rewards. Wow, what a beautiful
motorhome with sleeping areas for up to four people. Seat belts for four. But if you think this is great, wait til you see the outside,
it’s absolutely stunning. The brand new 2020 Serenity, built on the next generation
of Mercedes-Benz chassis. Totally redesigned. You can see all the redesign
of the lights and the grill. They’ve actually increased
the step area here. I think they did it just for
me ’cause of my big feet. I can actually put two feet
in here to clean the window. And this window does need some cleaning. But you’re absolutely gonna love it. Three-liter, V6, turbo, diesel engine. 188 horsepower. 325-foot pounds of torque. But the big change on the new chassis is a seven-speed automatic transmission. So you’re gonna get better fuel economy when you’re going down the road. So in the next generation of Mercedes-Benz they’ve added some great safety features that we buy from Mercedes-Benz
on the Serenity model. So we have front collision
impact assist active. We have lane keeping assist active. We’ve also got high beam assist. It also has traffic sign assist. It also has a great new feature called active distronic cruise control. So when you set your cruise control and you’re driving down the road, if the car in front of you is slower it’ll back you off from the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz has also added more airbags into the motorhome. Both front windshield
pillars and in the seats have extra airbags for more safety when you’re driving down the road. Some other really cool
features, of course, we have heated mirrors, power mirrors. I love this feature, you can
actually knock the mirrors in if you’re in a tight area, you have a tree or something
you need to get around, bring the mirrors in. But always make sure you
bring the mirrors back out when you’re driving down the road. I like this little courtesy light for getting in and out of the motorhome. The swivel seat mechanism
is at the front now, so look how easy it is to turn your seats. Simple. Fully curved wall. This is all fiberglass. This is built like a
boat or a Corvette car. All molded fiberglass fronts and sides. Vacuum-bonded steel frame floor. Vacuum-bonded aluminum-frame roof with ducted air conditioning. And let’s talk about this beautiful paint. Each color is painted three
times and two coats of clear. And you have three
choices of exterior paint. We have Champagne, Euro Sport,
and Silver, all beautiful. Come look at this, absolutely
love on the Serenity. Look at this beautiful molded,
curved fiberglass door. It’s got the built-in screen. And I really like this feature. You can lock the door in place. Locked solid. And you can have the screen closed so you get lots of fresh air. The hidden screen. Lot’s of fresh air going
into the motorhome. Now that is a smart design. I really like this, this is a power step. When you open the door it
automatically comes out. We have a button right here, you can turn that off and
now it’s in camping mode. So when I close the door the step’s not going in
and out all the time, it’s gonna save the motor life. Don’t panic if you happen to forget to have the step on non-camping mode, when you start the ignition
it automatically goes back up. Another great feature on the Serenity is the handle for getting
in and out of the motorhome. We also have it lit. And we have a three-way
switch on the light so you can go outside, outside
handle, and inside handle. You’re gonna love this
beautiful box awning. First of all, built-in LED lights. And it’s got wind sensor on it. So you just simply turned on the awning. Press the button, it
automatically comes out. So it’s gonna come out about seven feet. And it’s just over 12 feet in length. And it’s wind sensored, which means if you have
some gusts of wind, you forget to bring the awning in, it will automatically retract. Great safety feature when you’re RVing. Okay, you can see it’s a
little bit breezy today, so always make sure
you lave the awning on, because if you turn the awning off you disable the wind sensor part. So we’re just gonna simulate
a little more gust of wind. And you can see it automatically retracts. That is a great safety feature. As we work our way down we’ve got a beautiful 16,000 BTU furnace. So storage is very important
in a small motorhome. And we have lots of exterior storage. You can see our first compartment, nice big storage area here. All done in galvanized sheet metal. It’s all carpeted, so easy to clean. I love how it locks in place. Underneath here we spray foam all the compartments underneath so it’s quieter when
you’re going down the road. It also prevents any road damage. Over here we’ve got a 110 electrical plug. And we’ve got our ventilation
for our refrigerator. Make sure that you don’t block
the refrigerator ventilation. We have our optional Alcoa aluminum rims. We go with six rims, so
inner, outer, both sides, and the front ones. On the outside rims we go
with the Dura-Bright finish which makes it nice and shiny. The great thing about
the aluminum rim option is that you have built-in
valve extensions. And the other great
thing about aluminum rim is they dispense heat from your brakes so you’re gonna have longer
life of your brake usage. As we work our way down, we
have more exterior storage. Nice big exterior storage bin here. Once again, all
handcrafted aluminum doors. I love how the door drops down, easy access into the motorhome. We’ve got our built-in
barbecue quick connect so you can run that barbecue right off the main propane tank. We also have another storage bin right above the floor line here. This one has the optional
electric sofa bed. So if you go with the full-time bed you actually pick up a little
more storage underneath here. But great little storage area here. And if we have a look up here we’ve got our beautiful
frameless glass windows. I always call them the sexy
frameless glass windows. Awning-style, which
means that they open out so that if it’s raining outside you can still have ventilation
and you don’t have to worry about rain getting into the motorhome. So beautiful curved glass window contoured into the fiberglass body. And by the way, this body
is fully insulated as well. The roof, the walls, and the floor. And full fiberglass rear mask. Separate fiberglass bumper. We have our 5,000-pound receiver hitch. Seven-pin connector plug so
you can tow up to 5,000 pounds. Has a GCWR of 15,250 pounds
minus your wet weight. We’ve got our egress window,
our fire escape window. Built-in backup camera. LED lights. And this is probably my favorite part because I like to golf. But if you like to fish
or you need to carry stuff look at this. Nice big storage area underneath here. So lots of exterior storage, which is really important
in a small motorhome. Full water filtration. That’s very important to have. Look how beautiful this wall is. Look how beautifully curved it is. All the design in it. So here’s our service center. This is where we control the
outside of the motorhome. We can fill it up with water. Let’s start off with the
optional macerator pump. So what this does is you
can actually pump uphill if you want to. It’s easy to dump. You can dump at a smaller station if you don’t have a
three-inch dump at home. Even if you order the macerator pump we always include the
three-inch dump hose. You could always manually dump. And we’ve got a block water
flush in here as well. And gray water flush
valves are right here. Remember, always dump your
black first and then your gray. Over here we’ve got our
connections for cable and exterior satellite. So if you have a portable satellite dish you can hook up right here. We have a great optional satellite dish, this motorhome has it. It’s the Winegard T4 satellite dish. It does Dish, Direct, and Bell. And, very important, we’re also pre-wired for a satellite dish on the roof as well. As we work our way across we’ve
got an LED light right here for your service center at nighttime, which is a great little feature to have. You can turn that off and
on inside the motorhome. Propane fill is right here. So we have a 15-gallon propane tank with the barbecue quick
connect on the outside, which is very nice. Over here we’ve got our water switch for turning on our water pump. So if you forget to turn on
the water inside the motorhome and you want to have an exterior shower you can turn on the water pump here. And you have hot and cold
exterior shower right here. This is where our water fill is. So we run our water hose up through here and we connect it up into here and we can fill up our
24-gallon water tank. Or we have pressure water as well. Everything is all in one spot. Let’s have a look at this. We’ve got our batteries right here. So new for 2020 model year we have two deep-cycle
AGM 6-volt batteries. So maintenance-free batteries. That’s new for 2020 on
all Serenity models. We have our optional generator. So you can have a 3.6
optional propane generator or a 3.2 optional diesel generator. If you order the optional 3.6
kilowatt propane generator for 2020, we have auto
gen start comes with it. It doesn’t come with the diesel generator, only with the propane generator. So nice little feature to have. Also, standard on all Serenity models is the AquaGo Comfort Plus
hot water heater from Truma. This is the best instant
hot water heater there is on the market. The great thing about
this hot water heater is when you have it on comfort plus it will heat this one liter
of hot water, it keeps it hot. As it uses up that one liter of hot water, the heat exchanges continuously heat. You have continuous unlimited hot water. It’s the Truma AquaGo
Comfort Plus hot water heater standard on all Serenity and Unity models. You also have your 30-amp
sure power connection. Very simple to plug in your hose. And you’re gonna like this. Brand new for 2020, we’ve increased it to a 2,000-watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter. So you have a 2,000-watt inverter. That’ll flip your batteries
over to 110 power. And we’ve also inverted the microwave so you can warm something
up in the microwave off the battery power now so you don’t have to
turn on your generator. So great little feature to have. Plus, more storage in here. And here is our sure power cord for plugging in our sure power. Very simple to do. And we still have our locking diesel fuel. I like that so nobody can
tamper with your diesel fuel. And on the next generation
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis they will allow you to
use some B20 biodiesel. They suggest not to
fill it up all the time. In a pinch, if you have B20 biodiesel and you need diesel fuel you can put it in the new
generation Mercedes chassis. Thank you very much for watching the 2020 Serenity motorhome. It’s absolutely beautiful. Once again, built on the
brand new next generation of Mercedes-Benz chassis. It’s absolutely fabulous. Just over 24 feet in exterior length. Eight feet two wide. 10 three exterior height. Lots of interior space. Lots of exterior space. Make sure you subscribe
to our YouTube channel and be the first to see our videos throughout the entire year. Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. The Serenity. You could build your Serenity exactly the way you want today. You can pick your leather
colors, your wood colors, all the different options. You can build your Serenity right now.


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