20 Things to do in Düsseldorf, Germany Travel Guide

Germany is a country that we’ve travelled
to countless times, but for some reason, Düsseldorf is a city that had managed to elude us! Well, we recently spent a weekend there and
let me tell you, this turned out to be one of our biggest travel surprises of the year. We arrived in Düsseldorf not really knowing
what to expect, but over the course of 72 hours, we discovered this is a vibrant city
with beautiful green spaces, a thriving art scene, architecture that’ll make your eyes
pop, traditions worth exploring, and more restaurants than we had time for! Now let us take you on a whirlwind weekend
tour of Duesseldorf and show you some of the possibilities. It is lunchtime and I’m so ready for food. Today we’re going to be eating at Hausmann’s. This is a restaurant that was opened by a
really famous German chef and they specialize in German food with a modern twist. Hausmann’s was started by Chef Tim Mälzer,
a television cooking show host in Germany. His restaurant had a relaxed yet artsy feel
with cool murals, industrial lighting, and mismatched furniture, and when we saw the
menu, we knew what we were getting: Currywurst! Check it out. Behemoth portion. I ordered myself the currywurst with fries
and oh my goodness I think I’m going to be needing some help with this. I think that is the biggest currywurst we’ve
ever ordered anywhere. This is a must when in Germany. Feeling stuffed from lunch, we opted to skip
dessert, but we somehow ended up at an impromptu mustard tasting. We are currently at Löwensenf and this is
a mustard shop. Apparently this mustard is a specialty here
in Dusseldorf, so let’s have a look. Apparently, they have 40 different varieties
and I’m kind of interested in this one. Honey flavored. So let’s try some. Let’s see what honey flavored mustard tastes
like. I think this one is popular. That is almost empty. Haha. You know it is good when it is almost empty. Mmmm. What do you think? That is pretty nice. That is sweet. So it is time for Killepitsch. Yes, so we’re going to be having a local herbal
liquor and there is bar that you can go in and get a tasting and right next to it a shop. So first we’re going to go to the bar. All that food and alcohol called for a little
break, so we went back to the Me & All Hotel where we were staying. This hotel is located in the Japanese Quarter
and they’ve really played that up in terms of their fun design. After writing our bucket lists on the reception
wall and challenging Audrey to a game of air hockey, it was time for a long siesta. For today’s dinner we are getting a little
taste of Canada. We’re at Frittenwerk (Die Pommesmanufaktur)
where they serve poutine. The Canadian poutine! Poutine! And look at this the Canadian flag to prove
it. The poutine was delicious and the beauty of
eating with friends is that we each ordered a different style of poutine to share. We got everything from Classic Quebec to Tijuana
Street Fries, and BBQ Pulled Pork to Montreal Style. Alright, so the food has arrived and it looks
amazing. Seriously. Check it out. I ordered the Tijuana fries which came with
avocado, sour cream, tomatoes, cilantro, lime. Let’s squeeze some lime. I think this is going to be good. That guacamole looks awesome. OMG. And then over here I got the classic Quebec
Canadian poutine and this is supposed to be cheese curds and gravy. Yeah, so we’re going to compare and contrast. Compare and contrast. Yours looks pretty good. I mean obviously that is not poutine but it
is a Mexican twist on a Canadian dish in Germany. In Germany. Mmm. Do you like that? Guacamole. Hahaha. So good. Game changer guacamole. If there are any Canucks out there missing
home, this place is a must visit! So next up we are visiting Königsallee which
is the King’s Alley. This place is all about high end shopping
and it is considered The Champs-Élysées of Germany; however, we’ve also discovered
this is a really nice place to go for a walk. So we’re going to show you the canal. So we just finished visiting Königsallee
and honestly it was such a pleasant surprise even if you’re not into shopping or high end
brands it is a beautiful area to go for a stroll. It is so green and you have ducks and geese
and cafes. So we would definitely recommend checking
that out. So high end fashion may not be our thing,
but not too far from Konigsalle, we came across a quirky shop called Vaseline on Wallstraße. Inside they had the most curious collection
of one-of-a-kind items including a comic strip suit, a gold skull, and a pair of psychedelic
goggles that wouldn’t look out of place at Burning Man? So next up we’re visiting Carlsplatz and I
have to say this is my kind of place. It is a combination of food trucks and stalls
and I can’t wait to check it out. Carlsplatz is pretty cool because you can
either shop for cheeses, deli meats, and fresh produce, or, if you don’t feel like cooking,
you can just go to one of the food stalls and enjoy a meal right in the market. This market really tested my willpower. It was so hard not to eat something because
there is so many really nice food options. There was a lot more like kind of gourmet
upscale types of options too. I’ve noticed a lot of people having like a
nice glass of wine and what looked like to be some really good meals. And so yeah if we didn’t have lunch plans
already I would have definitely had something here. For lunch we visited Zum Uerige, a restaurant
that brews its own Altbier on premises. Here we learned that the beer is always flowing
and that the only way to indicate you’re done drinking is by placing your coaster on
top of your glass. Also, if you’re going to be drinking Altbier,
you need to pair it with boiled eggs, so we did exactly that! What are you doing? Okay. Pealing my egg. I’ve been ordered to do so. Okay so today we’re going to be trying Soleier. So there is a very particular way of eating
this. What you do is take the boiled egg, cut it
in half, and scoop out the yolk…preferably without destroying your egg! You then add a little bit of vinegar, olive
oil, and a generous dollop of mustard. You mix the whole thing into a paste, stuff
it back into the egg, and voila! You’ve just prepared your first Soleier. Here we go. Mmmm. Do you like that? That is good. That is good? Haha. What do you do after a lunch like that? Well, we signed up to take part in an interactive
art installation, that’s what! Right, so right now we are at K21 and we’re
going to be taking part in this interactive art exhibition. It is called In Orbit. It is right behind me and it is basically
like a giant human spiderweb so let’s start climbing. Alright, time to suit up and I probably should
not have worn a dress but I didn’t think this would happen. This was your these are your overalls. Your workers outfit right? Are you going to be like a human spiderman? That is the plan. Are you going to be the spider woman climbing
the climbing the web. How do you feel? Do you feel a little nervous? I feel like a construction worker. Like a construction worker. And how about the actual climbing? I think it’ll be fine. You think you’ll be fine. You are not scared? Of course, once I got up there and realized
I was dangling several stories above the ground, my cool flew out the window! I clamped my clammy hands onto the net and
refused to move. I finally mustered up enough courage to crawl
back to the exit. But here are my friends sauntering around
without a care in the world, so maybe follow their lead. Right now we’re visiting Hofgarten one of
the many green escapes you can find here in the city and it just so happens to be that
there is a cool jazz festival taking place so we’re going to go check that out right
now. (Music from the festival) Okay so we’ve been having a lot of really
great German food but Dusseldorf also has an International Food Scene. Today we were all craving Indian so that is
what we’re having for dinner. Come along. Our quest for Indian food brought us to Tandoori
on Immermannstraße, where we each ordered our favourite curries and boy was it good! This is amazing. We ordered so many different curries. We’ve got some chicken dishes, some cottage
cheese, we got rice, naan. That is the nice thing about eating with friends
is that we each can share. We can each share and we each ordered a different
dish. Mmmm. How is that? Mmmm. I’m so hungry right now this is delicious. After stuffing our faces, we went back to
our hotel for some live music. The Me and All Hotel is known for putting
on cool events, not just for guests, but for locals as well, and on this particular night
they had Sons of Time, a cool hip hop band from Berlin playing. (Hip hop music) And I’m having one of my absolute favorites. Sambuca. I’ve actually acquired the nickname Sambuca
Sam before so this is how much I like this drink. The following morning it was time to explore
Duesseldorf’s artsy side and what better place than a street where buildings are covered
in giant works of art. Okay so this morning we are exploring Kiefernstrasse
and this is a street that is really known for squatting, alternative lifestyle and obviously
there was a lot of really cool street art so we’re going to explore this area and yeah
it is going to be really cool. The apartment blocks on Kiefernstrasse were
first occupied in 1905 to house the workers from the local steelwork. However, when these jobs shut down in the
70s, owners began to terminate their existing tenancy agreements and the buildings became
municipal property. This marked the beginning of squatting, as
people looking for somewhere to live began moving into these empty apartments, and overtime
this became a hub for alternative culture in Duesseldorf. So this place is pretty much an Instagram-ers
dream. Also, fun fact we’ve just discovered this
like free public library system over on the windowsills you can just see boxes full of
books and you can grab one and it is yours to enjoy. Pretty cool. After an art-infused morning, it was time
to unwind, and what better way than a leisurely sightseeing cruise down the Rhine? This is the longest river in Germany, and
you can even travel down to some of the neighbouring cities by boat, but this visit was all about
Duesseldorf, so we opted for the 1 hour cruise which took us as far as the Media Harbour. So right now we’re visiting Kassematten which
is just along the Rhine and it is a great place to go exercise, also to meet up with
people for drinks or to have a little bite to eat. So yeah, we’re just going to wander around
and check it out now. From there, it was a short stroll over to
Altstadt, also known as the Old City. At first glance Düsseldorf looks like a city
of the future, but it also has its historic parts which are very much worth a wander. So one thing we like to do in every city we
visit is go up a tower and get a bird’s eye view of the city. Right now we’re at the Rhine Tower (Rheinturm)
and we’re going to see what Dusseldorf looks like from above. The Rhine Tower stands 240.5 metres above
Duesseldorf and it gives you 360 degree views of the city. Here you can get a better idea of how massive
the Rhine River really is with giant barges travelling in either direction. And if you come up on a clear day, you might
even be able to spot the neighbouring city of Cologne off in the distance. So we’re feeling a little peckish after visiting
the tower so it is time for my all-time favorite German snack currywurst. Oh my gosh. So excited to be trying this. Taking it for a massive swim in the sauce. Oh yeah, first bite. That is amazing currywurst. From there, it was a skip and a hop to MedienHafen,
where it pretty much felt like we had been teleported into the future. The architecture here is mind-boggling and
it’s another fun place to wander around without much of an agenda, or better yet,
you can just plop yourself down at one of the many bars and enjoy the views. For dinner that evening, we opted to eat in
the Japanese Quarter where we were staying, and what better meal than sushi! With our weekend trip to Dusseldorf winding
down we only had time to sneak in one more adventure and it was a good one. So sadly it is our last day in Düsseldorf
but we still have time for one more activity. This morning we’re doing a VW beetle tour
with Dusseldorf Safari and it is going to be a lot of fun. With nothing but blue skies in sight, we put
the roof down, left the city centre behind, and enjoyed a morning of cruising down back
roads until we found ourselves in the countryside. And that’s a wrap for Düsseldorf! We honestly loved our time in the city and
we can’t believe it took us this long to visit after so many trips to Germany. If you’re looking for a fun weekend escape
that combines the best of urban living and nature, Duesseldorf is the perfect fit, and
the food scene will also keep all you foodies happy. Now you know the drill, if you have any travel
tips or suggestions of other fun things to do in Duesseldorf, feel free to share those
suggestions with travellers in the comments below. Wishing you happy travels and until next time!

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