20 metrů vysoký skok v KODANI | 4# JUMP ‘N TRAVEL [eng. sub]
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20 metrů vysoký skok v KODANI | 4# JUMP ‘N TRAVEL [eng. sub]

Hey, I´m Lukas Kulda and you´re watching the 4th episode of JUMP N TRAVEL Currently we´re in Denmark capital, Copenhagen except beautiful water canals, marinas and architecture you can find there a lot of parkour spots We just arrived to Street Mekka Parkour jams are there every friday so it´s perfect place to meet a new people and train with ´em Most people use bicycle to transport through city what is the cheapest and quickest way but if you are too lazy, subway or buses are another great option for 140 DKK per a day This one is called Jiyo park and it´s one of the most well known parkour park in Europe It´s located a few steps by Vestamager station and you can find a many different obstacles there You can practice a new tricks to a sand and after refresh yourself by tap water behind this red container Hey, my name is Tomas Capek the guest of this episode and I came to cook some flips and tricks for you guys I´m gonna do the worst rascality ever we recieved a fine from the subway police so we decided to steal a bicycle you motherf**ckers If you want a bit of refresh after a hard session the best way is a hit the local water canals The perfect spot during a rainy weather is the roof-covered Hope spot and if you will be lucky enough, you can meet these hot pole dancers The prices of groceries ain´t much different in each shops most items are three times more expensive than in Prague but this chocolate milk is absolutely delicious and cheap as well, definitely recommend it! This park is called Rail heaven just the name is enough to suspect a lot of rails there that is really good for parkour techniques and precision jumps It´s part of city center and Boblepladsen park


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