20 h55 flight test process
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20 h55 flight test process

Hello everyone! Flight test continues… Flight test never ends at the end It’s a process, it’s not just
something you do once And it’s interesting here to see that we have two, really two domains We have the electric systems The motor, the batteries How it functions, how it gives power this works extremely well and I guess that’s also something
you can test on the ground well to see its behavior, you can simulate it so what you expect is what you get and we’re extremely happy with that now. What’s more difficult, it takes more time is for example everything
which is linked to cooling because it’s very difficult to understand the behavior of the cooling system when you fly first, the environment changes all the time sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it’s cold sometimes it rains, sometimes it’s sunny All this has an influence And then, I mean, where the airflow goes, you know, here inside here inside where we have the batteries It is very difficult to simulate So we need to test and that’s what we are doing That’s what we are learning And that’s what takes a little bit of time but it’s progressing well!

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