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In this video, myself along with some of my
travel friends, these people are not just travelers, they’re professional travelers,
they travel all the time. We’re going to share with you some of our
top travel hacks. They are going to make you travel smarter
and cheaper. This travel hack is for you guys who think
you don’t have money to travel.Here’s what you do. You take one dollar and you put it in a bank
account every single day for one month. Then you have 30 dollars! Congratulations! That’s not a lot of money but what you’ve
done is you’ve planted the seed and that’s what you need to get started. You’ve put the idea in your head that it’s
possible. You can see that ban account grow and that’s
how you make it possible. By starting the process. That’s how you make anything work in life
is by starting. You should do that. If you ever find yourself in a bit of a pickle
of having a problem when you’re on the road, a great way to reach out to companies is to
use their Twitter, is to tweet them because they usually have a customer service representative
solely monitoring their Twitter account especially if they’re a larger company. So it’s a great way to get feedback instantly
without having to go through email or having to call them because sometimes calling people
is a little bit tricky when you’re on the road and you have a foreign phone or don’t
have a cellular plan that can support foreign calls. It’s so important that when you travel you’re
getting clean water and this also includes ice cubes. Make sure that when you get ice cubes, they
aren’t made with tap water so a hack is, ice cubes that have a little hole in it, you’ll
notice when you’re traveling some ice cubes have a little hole through the center, these
ice cubes are made with fresh clean water. My travel hack is to always bring some chocolate
bars or candies for the flight attendants because a little bit of money spent on that
will go a long way. Not only will they be happier on their flight
but they also might give you some better service. If you’re gonna travel, get yourself some
dry sacs. Dry sacs are amazing for several reasons. A) They waterproof your stuff. B) They can work as vacuum seal bags to help
you compress down your stuff and C) They can use them for like any sort of rain storm that
you encounter. Stuff your electronics in there and you’re
good. Any day of the week. Dry sac. A travel hack that I just learned is, if you’re
staying in a hotel room that doesn’t have a fridge, you can ask the front desk for a
fridge to be added to your room or you can change to a room that has a fridge. Usually it’s a little bit more money but if
you tell them you have a medical reason, they’ll give it to you for free. That way you can go grocery shopping, get
your groceries, stack your fridge and you don’t always have to spend all that money
on restaurants. So, my travel motto is actually a Susan Heller
quote and she says “when you pack, take have the clothes and twice as much money”
and it’s really worked for me. Although, I’m still getting better at the
clothes thing. My number one travel hack is to bring an unlocked
smart phone. This smart phone has got basically absolutely
everything you need from a technological point of view unless you’re creating lots of content
and then you need a laptop. It’s got a very good camera and if it’s unlocked,
you can pick up a SIM card at the airport. You should get a basic data plan so when you’re
not on Wi-Fi at a hotel, restaurant, whatever, you’re still connected. My big secret travel hack is actually dry
shampoo because it’s basically just baby powder in a can but you can go days without actually
washing your hair so our little secret is, I haven’t actually done my hair in like five
days. I’ve showered my body! But you could actually take it longer and
still look fresh while you’re traveling. When you travel abroad you always tend to
over pack. So my number one travel hack would be to take
only a carry on. This way you only take stuff you need for
a week and if you need to wash, you can just do laundry after a week. Also, if you travel, for example, within Europe,
you can save a lot of money by doing that because you only take a carry on, you don’;t
need to check luggage which you’d need to pay extra for with budget airlines. I always pack my running shoes when I’m traveling
so I can go for a run and explore places off the beaten path. Those places, I usually wouldn’t see as a
normal tourist and I stay healthy and fit. So the travel hack I recommend is on your
phone. It’s Google map, believe it or not. And the best thing about Google maps is that
anywhere in the world it can work. You need to download the offline maps and
you can turn on your GPS anywhere in the world and it’ll track you on the maps. So if you’re walking, got to get somewhere,
if you’re driving a motorcycle or an overland vehicle, it’s a fantastic tool to have because
it’s free anywhere you go. So the best thing to actually do when you’re
traveling, the biggest travel tip I can give is to talk with locals. Walking through the main square here and this
nice gentleman came up and gave us some information about the town square that we’re in. I have a bunch of credit cards because the
bonus miles in the beginning of them just are like huge and you can just save them for
just one year and start to get free flights jut by using your credit card every month
and my credit score goes up. Have you ever heard of the Ryan air suit? It’s basically like a suit with a lot of pockets
because you can only bring one bag and you can stash a whole lot of stuff in your pockets
and then you can walk in like Michelin doll and you just, you’re safe because it’s not
in your bag.


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