10 Ways to Look and Feel Fresh After a Long Flight
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10 Ways to Look and Feel Fresh After a Long Flight

– Flying can suck sometimes. You got the red-eye flights. You got the overnight flights. You got the really, really long flights. You got the long layovers. None of this sounds appealing, right? And then, they leave you
sticky in some places, dry in other places, and
just overall jet-lagged when you finally arrive
at your destination. After 15 years of travel experience, I have, I feel like, mastered the art of feeling fresh when you finally arrive at your destination so you don’t smell and look like a stinky gym bag. (upbeat music) (dinging) I want to thank Kleenex brand
for sponsoring this video. They have recently come
out with their Kleenex Sensitive Wet Wipes which I have added to our look and feel
fresh when flying routine which is gonna start right now. (dinging) First things first, you’re going to want to bring a really good
overnight face mask. Men, this is gonna work for you, too, because the one that I’m
gonna recommend is clear, so you can’t even tell
that you’re wearing one. I really like Origins Drink
Up Intensive Face Mask. You can leave this on
throughout your entire flight and then just wipe it off with a wet cloth once you arrive at your destination or just before you land, and it will keep your skin nice and
moisturized because the air on an airplane is super, super dry. I like to get the bigger version
of the Drink Up Intensive because I use it often and then I just put a little bit into one of these containers that is under a hundred milliliters, so that I can take it with
me onboard with no problem. (dinging) (upbeat music) Kleenex Wet Wipes, I like to use these babies to clean myself especially after I have a meal because I get dirty no
matter what I’m eating, even if it’s as simple as a banana. Yeah, I am an adult who eats like a child. I also like to use them to feel fresh. I take what I call a
little in-flight shower using my wet wipes. Kleenex Wet Wipes are soft, they’re thick. So they don’t just like tear
apart when you’re using them. And they are great for
sensitive skin which I have. And they have no harsh chemicals. (dinging) (upbeat music) Use a flight drink. So these drinks are
specifically to help you fight jet lag and make you feel refreshed and energetic when you
get to your destination. They are packed with
antioxidants and vitamins and electrolytes that
help support your energy. I first discovered one of these drinks when I was flying home,
actually I was flying from Fiji to France,
and it was a very, very, very long journey with several layovers, and I discovered one of these drinks and it really helped me keep hydrated. It kept my energy levels up
so when I actually arrived in France after like 30+ hours of travel, I felt good, shockingly. There’s also this product call No-Jet-Lag and it is a homeopathic remedy which is, they’re tablets so you
can every couple of hours and they essentially do
the same type of thing, and they help you fight jet lag, so when you arrive at your destination, you’re not feeling, like, destroyed. (dinging) (upbeat music) Water. This is my favorite, favorite
beverage of all time. Just keeping it simple, water. Mm, mm. You’re gonna want to
stay away from caffeine. So, any caffeinated drinks, coffee, tea with caffeine when you’re flying because it’s gonna dehydrate you. It’s gonna keep you up. If you’re anxious when you’re flying, like I am, it’s gonna make you a little bit more
jittery and more anxious. So, stick with the basics, simple water, as well as herbal teas like peppermint, and green tea is actually okay. It’s caffeinated but it doesn’t
dehydrate you like caffeine. So if you still want that extra kick for when you arrive at your destination, move towards the green tea option. Peppermint tea is also
excellent for inflammation. So it’s gonna help you
look good when you arrive at your destination, and also it’s good for fresh breath, right, peppermint. Mm. (dinging) (upbeat music) Plan your sleep. What I like to do is
find out what time it is in the destination I’m
flying to, and I set my watch or my phone to that time zone so I know when I need to sleep, and when I need to stay
awake on the flight. So, let’s say you’re flying to Australia and when you arrive in Australia,
it’s gonna be night time. So what you wanna do is get some rest at the beginning of your flight, and then stay awake for
the rest of your flight so that when you arrive in Australia it will be easier for you to fall asleep because it will be
night time in Australia. This is a really great technique when it comes to fighting jet lag because it will train
your body a lot faster to get into the rhythm
of the new time zone and the sleep changes. And when it comes to sleeping on a flight, it can be a little tricky. So, bring things that
are gonna help you relax and help you to doze
off, like a neck pillow, an eye mask, ear plugs,
headphones with really relaxing music, melatonin
which is a natural sleep aid, anything that’s gonna help you just unwind and fall asleep and stay
asleep as long as possible. (dinging) (upbeat music) Keep your essentials on hand. So, I’m talking about toothbrush, dental floss, gum, deodorant, make-up, anything that’s gonna help you feel and look good when you
arrive at your destination. Also a tip I’d like to share, which I have learned over the years,
is head to the wash room about an hour, 45 minutes
to when you’re gonna land because if you do it any later, there’s gonna be a line
up and you won’t be able to take your time to refresh yourself because there’s gonna be people waiting for you, and you’re
gonna feel the pressure. (dinging) (upbeat music) Move around. When you are flying,
it is important to move your body, stretch, do
some yoga in the aisle. Who cares what people think? Move your legs, do a little dance. Make a little love, maybe
not make a little love. Or maybe make a little love. It is important, especially when you have a long flight, to move around, to get that circulation flowing
to prevent blood clots and other things like muscle soreness and stiffness and stretching’s good. Moving is good. Get up, walk around, walk
up and down the aisles. If there’s stairs on the plane, walk up and down the
stairs, just move your body. Moving your body, especially
right before you’re about to land really gets
that blood flow going, that circulation going,
especially important on a long flight, and it will bring more energy into your body. So when you arrive to your destination, you’re not feeling sore or your muscles are cramped, and you’re
feeling tired and sluggish. You have more energy. (dinging) (upbeat music) Bring a change of clothes and a hat, especially for me, the hat because my hair tends to look a little funky when I arrive at a new place after a
very long flight sometimes. So, I like to have a hat, tame that hair, especially those bangs,
if you got ’em, ladies, men who have bangs, you
know what I’m talking about. And a change of clothes,
including underwear, and a bra, just so you
feel nice and refreshed. Use those wet wipes and
then put on these clothes. It’s like you took a
shower, in-flight shower. It’s how it works. (dinging) (upbeat music) Snacks! I am such a snack person. I love snacks and I need to have so many snacks when I’m on a flight. Like, it makes me feel a lot more calm. If I don’t have snacks, I panic. I like to bring healthy snacks,
which I prepare at home. So, nuts are really great, fruits, crackers, things that are healthy. You’re gonna keep you full. They’re gonna give you energy. These are the things that I like to bring, and I find it’s hard to
find them in airports. You might get a little luckier, but when you’re on the flight, the food that they serve
isn’t typically the best. It’s a lot of fat and tons of carbs which is not gonna make you feel good when you arrive at your destination. And it’s not gonna make your stomach and your bowel movements
as good as they can be. One thing to mention though
when it comes to nuts and fruit. You do have to declare them
if you don’t finish them when you get to a
destination, most likely. So, make sure you do finish them. And another thing is bring containers because you can use these containers when you’re traveling for leftovers or if you wanna bring a meal on the go. Containers, they’re great
and they’re eco-friendly. (dinging) (upbeat music) Rose water, spritz on
some of that rose water. I’m gonna do it right now, actually. (spritzing) Ah, makes me feel so refreshed. It smells amazing, keeps
your skin hydrated, and you can spray it over your
makeup and it leaves it fine. I love rose water. I have a big bottle, so I like to put it into a smaller bottle so I can
bring it with me on flight. Anything that’s under
100 ml keeps you safe. Security will let you go right through. (dinging) (upbeat music) Bonus tip! Because who doesn’t love a bonus tip? Use airport lounges, take advantage of those airport lounges
if you have layovers. They are so good. I cannot believe I didn’t
start using them earlier. I just recently started using them the last couple of years,
but what a game changer. They have showers. There’s sometimes even sleeping areas. There’s buffets. There’s drinks. It’s just a really nice place to unwind a little bit, recharge,
rest if you need to. Please do yourself a
favor and take advantage of those airport lounges. And these are the ways
that Siya and I stay fresh and energized so that when we arrive at our destination we’re feeling good and ready to explore. And hopefully now you
feel a little bit better about that long flight
you have ahead of you. You’re not dreading it anymore, and you enjoy this part of the journey as much as actually arriving
at your destination. It doesn’t have to be something
that you are dreading. I want to thank Kleenex
brand for sponsoring this video, again, and
for keeping us so fresh and so clean, clean, and
I’m gonna leave a link in the description box below so you can go and get your own pack to
use on your next flight.


  • Thriving Off Change

    I love the tips in this video! I struggle with feeling fresh after any flight…The last time I flew we were on our honeymoon and I felt SOOO gross after our flight. Feeling gross on your honeymoon is just not ok haha I could have used these tips!

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    Haha I always somehow get dirty every time I eat too, I feel you! Wet wipes really are super handy for long flights

  • R.gVlogs

    Another tip for ladies; don't wear a bra on the plane but keep one in your carry-on and change about an hour/ hour an a half before you land! A friend told me about it, so I tried it and it was so nice to not have tight clothing on. It is way more comfortable!

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    Great tips, I would love to see a similar video but now when traveling with your baby… Hope you make it soon. Thank you 😉

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    I just purchased this awful ticket between Guate and Ecuador that goes from Guatemala City to Miami to Bogotá then finally to Quito because it was like $300 cheaper than anything else…I am desperately going to need these tips for that!!

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  • Roy T

    I totally love the tips! A few years ago I started to make a habit of bringing a stick of deoderant after I smelled horrible after running across an airport trying to make a connection. I almost passed out when i put my luggage in the overhead bin! I will try those Kleenex wipes this week!

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    Love this!! Katie loves rose water to freshen up her skin and Trey prefers to always stay hydrated🙌🏼

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