10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations You need to Visit Now! (2019)
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10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations You need to Visit Now! (2019)

From classic islands, to inland parks that
need to be viewed with your own eyes, join me as I reveal to you 10 of the most beautiful
travel destinations you need to see. 10. Hawaii
I know, I get it, of COURSE we’re going to put Hawaii on this list! But you’re thinking about it in the wrong
way. When you’re thinking about places to go for
vacation, there are certain “top tier” destinations based on who you are, what your family size
is, and more. But, if you’re looking for true “paradise
locations” to go to? Hawaii is on the top of many people’s lists,
or at the very least, it’s near the top. And truth be told, it deserves it in virtually
every way! Because when you think about everything Hawaii
is, it really is a place that is cool to look at, cool to be in, and a fun place to go to. What more could you ask for from a vacation
spot than that? First and foremost, it’s an island chain,
one that has all kinds of events for you to take part of in regards to the Hawaiian culture
or just great vacation events. If you’re looking to relax on a beach, you’ll
find plenty of room on at least one beach all over the island. There’s also sailing, surfing, scuba diving
and more. There’s great food, great parties, and all
sorts of wildlife. And the locals are really friendly most of
the time, so when you add it all up? You get a place where many people spend their
vacations. The many islands have their own sights and
sounds and experiences to deliver. There are even some that aren’t inhabited
by people! Just animals! Including some rare ones. The oceans are pristine and are perfect to
swim, surf, dive in, and more. And that’s not even touching the historical
aspects of both the native people and how Hawaii has affected the world at large. So yeah, it’s a bit obvious, but it’s also
true that Hawaii is an obvious treasure you should visit at least once in your lifetime. 9. Victoria Falls
Located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the
world, as well as one of the biggest waterfalls in the world today. Which is saying something as there are some
pretty impressive falls all over the world. This is truly a towering place, at over 300
feet in height, and over one mile in length, it carves quite a path, and drives in a lot
of tourism in Africa. In fact, it’s one of the most famous World
Heritage sites in the continent. Which again, is saying something given all
that’s in Africa. The native people of Africa knew about Victoria
Falls for some time, and it was only in 1855 that the Scottish Missionary David Livingstone
explored the region and soon came upon the falls. He named it after then Queen Victoria of Britain. The African name for the falls is Mosi-oa-Tunya,
which translated means “the smoke that thunders”. UNESCO (which runs the World Heritage List)
uses both names in its registry to honor both sides who discovered the falls. While technically not the largest waterfall
in the world based on height or width, it is classified as the largest sheet of falling
water in the world. Making it truly a natural occurrence to behold. Millions of visitors each year come to see
the falls, but not in the way you might expect. Most of the people who visit Victoria Falls
are from Zambia and Zimbabwe, and not international visitors. This is because the waterfall is easy to reach
by bus or car, or even walking, and doesn’t cost much to see as a result. This is a different feel from other international
treasures that see more people from out of country come to see it that the natives. Still, whether local or international, you
should go see this falls and witness just how tiny you are in comparison. 8. Yellowstone National Park
There are going to be a few parks that are put on this list, and easily one of the most
important ones is that of Yellowstone National Park. One of the big reasons for this is that Yellowstone
National Park was the first officially recognized national park in the United States, and technically,
the world. It’s so big that it covers multiple states
including Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. A big reason why you need to go see this place
is simple because it has a lot to offer in terms of ecosystems. It’s got plains, forests, mountain areas,
waterfalls, and even hot springs and geysers. Including the legendary “Old Faithful”. That’s a lot to tour, and with about 3500
square miles in the park, you’re going to need a lot of time to tour it. While you’re doing so, you’ll be able to witness
all kinds of animals and plants, some of which are actually endangered. Another reason to go and see Yellowstone is
the fact that the area is technically a hotspot for danger. And not in the way you’d think. You know all of those hot springs and geysers? That’s a natural occurrence due to the fact
that the park is a literal dormant supervolcano. Yeah, that means it can go BOOM anytime it
wanted to, and it’d wreck a lot of things as a result. So you should go see it in case that happens
eventually. 7. The Great Barrier Reef
The oceans of our world are filled with all sorts of creatures that amaze, confuse, and
sometimes terrify us. But, it’s also home to some of the most beautiful
natural creations on the planet. Which is what humans love to see and show
off. To that end, off of Australia, you’ll find
one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world via the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest collection
of coral reefs in the entire planet! How big does that get you ask? All told it’s about 1400 miles. That’s a lot of coral reefs. And, because of how they’re made, they’re
absolutely beautiful to look at. As they’re full of color, unique shapes, and
of course, the animals that call the place home. There are many scuba diving trips and expeditions
that you can take to see the reefs, and when you do, you’ll get a glimpse at all the things
that live in there. Fish, crabs, plant life, and more live within
these coral structures. Oh, and don’t forget, coral are technically
alive, so if you get close, you’ll see them pulse around. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven
natural wonders of the world, which is why many long to see it. And it’s not hard to see why. Especially since in many other places, coral
doesn’t grow anywhere near that big for natural or unnatural reasons. So having anything close to this size and
beauty makes it a true wonder. 6. Mt. Everest
Ok, I’ll admit that this next one isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. But the fact can’t be denied that Mt. Everest
is one of the most important locations on the planet, and that alone makes it a destination
you should travel to. And while scary, it is most definitely beautiful. If you somehow don’t know, Mt. Everest is
the highest mountain in the world that is above sea level. So if you were to go and climb the mountain,
you would be able to say that you were on top of the world. That’s because the mountain stands just under
30,000 feet above sea level. Which is…well…it’s high, it’s very, very,
high. And those who know the stories of Mt. Everest
know that when it comes to those who try to climb it, it’s a very dangerous venture, and
many have lost their lives in the pursuit of getting to the top. But, those who have done it have admitted
a rather transcendent experience, one that very few get to see. That’s because when you’re on top of the mountain,
you get a view that is beyond explanation. One that you can only experience when you’re
there. On that mountaintop. Looking out at the world on high. So yeah, this won’t be for everyone. But for the bold? The brave? This is place you’ll want to experience. 5. Paris, France
From one of the most isolated places in the world, we now go to one of the most populated
cities in the world. Long romanticized as the “city of love” (don’t
tell that to the French though, they tend to not like certain outsiders), Paris, France
is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cultural cities in the world today. Which is why it’s a top-tier tourist destination. I mean, let’s just list off some of the historical
treasures that are there. There’s Notre Dame (inspiration for the legendary
story), the Eiffel Tower (one of the most visited places in the world every year), the
Louvre (home of the Mona Lisa and other important art pieces) and more. Plus, there’s the feel and atmosphere of Paris. The cafes, the people on bikes, the way the
buildings look, there’s something about it that draws people there. So much so that Paris actually accounts for
about 18 percent of the entire country of France. You can’t get that number unless people want
to be there. Paris is a constant destination vacation spot,
and you’ll definitely want to see it if you can. 4. Seychelles
Let’s head back to the island paradises of the world, shall we? The Seychelles are widely considered one of
the most beautiful island chains in the world. In fact, it’s so valued, that not only is
it a top resort and vacation spot, but some of its forests are actually UNESCO protected. As is half the animal population too. Think about that for a minute, what does it
take for you to have HALF your animal population protected? Value and rarity, that’s what. The Seychelles isn’t just one island, rather,
it’s more than 100 islands, and among these many islands you’ll find loads to do. Including observing the forests and the incredible
wildlife, being able to go snorkeling and seeing what lies beneath the waves, and if
you’re looking for a fishing trip, anglers from all over the world come to the Seychelles
to try their hand at some unique fish that they can catch. What’s that? You’re hoping for a more relaxing trip? One where you don’t do much? Simple, just go and wander the islands and
observe what’s there. The Seychelles are actually quite legendary
for their protection of threatened creatures and of their habitats. Thus you’ll see creatures like the Aldabra
giant tortoise, the Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher, and over 75 different species of plants that
make the Seychelles solely their home. And the waters of the area hold over 1000
fish species. Now, you might know this, but the Seychelles
aren’t the cheapest of islands to go to. But, it’s hard to deny that sometimes you
need to pay for quality, and that’s definitely what you’re going to get here. 3. Washington D.C. The capitals of nations are almost always
worth seeing for one reason or another. But when it comes to Washington D.C., the
beauty of this place is in the history that is quite literally all around you. Washington D.C. has been the capital of the
United States since 1790, where they approved a law to make a “federal district” that isn’t
a part of any state, and thus is solely independent. Not something you’d expect from a nation,
and thus Washington D.C. is rather unique to most countries because of that. But getting back to the history, since it’s
been around for hundreds of years, there are many monuments and historical places that
are there for you to visit. There’s the Washington Monument, the Lincoln
Memorial, memorials to many fallen soldiers over the years, and so many more. Plus, in terms of current history, you have
the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Court, and Congress. All of which help make the United States what
it is today. There’s almost always a sense of patriotism
as you walk the streets of the nations’ capital and see the flags and other parts of the US
history that are shining through. So at times, man-made beauty can be just as
good. 2. Fiordland National Park
If you’re wanting to go to a place that is great solely because of its beauty and nothing
else, then Fiordland National Park in New Zealand is for you. This is because the park is literally known
for its beautiful fields and flowers. As well as other vegetation via the local
forest. Plus, it’s all natural, with very little human
interference in regards to the greenery. What sets it apart from most places is that
in December, a special “feature” of the park comes forth. Mainly, a flower goes into bloom in that month,
and when it does, it turns the entire area it’s in into a swath of purple flowers. There’s that many there. It’s a sight to behold. There are also many areas where you can walk
through and above to get an even better view on the area at large. 1. Rome
I might be a little biased here, but Rome is arguably one of the coolest and most beautiful
destinations you can go to for both aesthetic, cultural, and historical reasons. First off, it’s the capital of Italy, and
it has one of the biggest populations in not just Italy, but all of Europe. It’s all the home of The Vatican, which is
one of the most important religious areas in the world (though technically it’s a city-state”. Historically, Rome was one of the focal points
of the legendary Roman Empire (and Republic). And some of its “former glory” is still on
display for all to see. Such as the legendary Coliseum, and many more. Due to its association with that and many
artists from the Renaissance, the city is the most visited place in Italy, the 4th most
visited place in Europe, and the 16th most visited city in the world. Clearly a lot of people appreciate its beauty. Plus, Italian food, what can go wrong there? Thanks for watching everyone! What did you think of these must-see beautiful
travel destinations? Do you have the urge to try and go to some
now? Have you already been to some of them already? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to subscribe, and I’ll see you next
time on the channel!


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