고양이들에게 밥 주는 척하다가 안 주고 도망가면 생기는 일

zzZ… zzZ… LuLu: Meow. (Laughing) MoMo: It will be rainy tomorrow… …What? Mommy’s home! Mommy’s home! Were you waiting for me because you’re hungry, kitties? (Laugh) Let’s go~ Let’s go eat something. Come here. Oh, are you poo before having a meal, TT? Come here, kitties! Let’s eat something First come, first serve! Please get in line! It’s time to eat! Ta-da! Smell this first! Now, I’m leaving now! (Laugh) Bye, kitties! (Laugh) Mommy’s here! I’m here! Mommy’ll sleep! (Laugh) Are they coming? Why aren’t they coming?? Ooops! zzZ… zzZ… zzZ… Stop it, kitty. I’m sleeping. You’re heavy… Seriously. Oops… Don’t step on my chest… zzZ… zzZ… (Coughing) LuLu: Meow. zzZ… zzZ… LuLu: Meow. (Laughing) Why are you crying in front of my face? Did you think I was dead? What are you doing? Hey…Stop, stop. You’re heavy… Mommy’s sleeping! Alright, go. Bye, kitty! zzZ… zzZ… zzZ… DD: Woong… zzZ… zzZ… (Coughing) zzZ… zzZ… zzZ… Hey, stop it! It’s itchy! It’s itchy, kitty! Kitties… Are you doing this to me just because I’m pretending to sleep, not giving you food? Are you going to keep stepping on my belly and slapping on my face? Are you going to eat me up? Gosh…Kitties. OK. Let’s go! Let’s go to have dinner. Do you feel good licking my hand? OK. I understood what you meant. Let’s go. I’ll do this for you just like you did, LuLu. Like this. It’s ‘grooming’, LuLu. Hey, look at this. Your hair… Wait a minute. I’m going to serve you dinner! It’s time to eat dinner! (Laughing) Yum, yum, yummy! No… (Laughing) Help yourself, chairman MoMo. I’ll take care of these little hyenas. (Laugh)

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