Here it goes! Aaargh! It’s strong! Unexpected encounters! (Kimu)
Too hot. (Camera: Hata)
And we haven’t got anything today The tide stopped suddenly
and we couldn’t catch anything Yeah, that was too bad. We couldn’t
catch anything with ice-fishing – At first it didn’t seem so bad, though
– Yeah – Let’s rest a little
– Yeah, you’re right After we rest, I will try
and catch some squid Yeah, sure, let’s try throwing a bait I’ll try some more
“hole-fishing” later. – Hey!
– You know… I think I got too caught up before… – I just looked at my watch now, and it’s 1 PM already – Really?! No way! There is no more time left. It’s bad. We have only 2 hours left
before we catch our ride home It’s the first time I can’t catch anything
“hole-fishing”. I wanted to try it too But now it seems there are only rockfish around… And we said we’ll make a sushi-ship! I will do my best. Keep it up!! I’m so sleepy… Let’s make the best
of these last 2 hours – Where are you going?
– I think I’ll try fishing some more – I’ll try somewhere I haven’t tried before, maybe Today we are really unlucky… Too bad! What was that! A fish came to the bait… Eh! No way!! Let’s get the lure What was that fish? Maybe, a Japanese sea bass or something? It was around, 50 to 60cm long I didn’t bring the lure today,
so I’ll cast a shad-based worm Oooh! It came to the bait again! It’ come to the bait! There! There! There! Oh!! What is that?! A Japanese sea bass? Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Hata! Hata!! Hata!!! A 80cm Japanese sea bass! It came to eat the bait!
I’m serious, man! What? A Japanese sea bass? I threw an artificial bait at first. But I was pulling it back because
I wasn’t catching anything. And when I got about there
the bass started following it And I saw what it was.
But this is all I’ve got, so… This second time
it realy came to eat the bait. Really!? Too big. Really!? Maybe I can catc
those small ones with a bait. Perhaps there are larger fish. So, that’s why you couldn’t
get any squids. I want to eat Japanese sea bass. Yeah, but I can’t catch a bass
with a squid rod. Look!! There are a lot of baits. There must be some more around… Yes!Yes!Yes! Here it is!! Oh my god! It’s pulling so hard! I think it’s sea bass.
It’s pulling so hard. Help! Hata, help! Wow!
Is that it?! Finally! It must be a sea bass, right? This is scary! Wow What’s with that pose? Can you see it? I can see it! – Is it a sea bass?
– I think so… Wait… It’s huge! Ah! A Red Snapper!? It’s a Red Snapper! – It’s red!
– What?! Can you get it? That’s cool! You got a shore fish! With an artificial worm bait?! Let me catch my breath. It’s the biggest
you’ve ever fished so far! Holy cow!!
Why was a Red Snapper there?! I did it! Although, we did come here
to do “hole-fishing”. – Yeah. We said, maybe we’ll catch some squids
– And got a huge Red Snapper instead. Perfect!! A very respectable red snapper. And to think I caught this
with a artifical worm bait! Isn’t that right, Hata? Yorai called me just now. He says there are only rockfish around. But at least we made one video. That’s because he doesn’t know
what we have over HERE! He was all “Oh, well”,
and I didn’t tell him anything. Done. It’s on ice now. Let’s go home. This is gonna be a big surprise
for the rest of the Tsuri-Yokas! But let’s show them the rockfish first.
And say it’s all we got. It’s even bigger than the ones
we caught on the boat. So that’s it!
Thank you very much! We’ll cook it tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Adios, amigos! Back home – You’re back.
– Yes we are. What that big box? Wait, what! You got something?! Everybody come here! It’s an amberjack! Wait and see. This is a little unsual. Really? – It’s an amberjack!
– Not really. Well, if it’s not an amberjack it’s a 3kg squid! No way, it’s full of rockfish, is it? – It’s a lot of rockfish, right?
– You ready? Here. A rockfish. It’s a good size.
It’s good for sure. That’s it! – You’re kidding!
– All done! – Hurry up and show me what’s inside. Aaah, you already know, so
just turn around a sec. You’re gonna be more
than a little surprised. Don’t peek! Here we go… Is it THAT big?! Are you serious?!
It sounds huge! Is it a sea bass? Ok, ready.
Turn around. HOW?! You didn’t fish that, right? I did! – How?!
– With the ageing rod! With the RhythmWave. – IMPOSSIBLE!
– I did! – With the RhythmWave?
– Yeah. – A lot happened today. Look. This is the biggest
red snapper so far. I had just caught this,
when we got your call. – You knew?
– Yeah, I lied. Well, it’s not like that big of a deal… – Isn’t it great?
– It is, but it’s not like I got fooled or anything. But really, it’s a good catch. But…
Don’t lie to me like that! NEXT TIME:
The cooking! Thank you for watching!
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